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Future Exam Diets

‌‌All matriculated students are entered automatically for the December and May examination diets in all examined modules which they have been advised into.

Students are reminded that they are required to make themselves available in St Andrews for the full duration of the examination diets (up to and including the last Friday of both December and May diets) and should plan travel arrangements accordingly.

August 2019

Exams will be scheduled from Monday 12 August to Friday 16 August 2019 inclusive. 

December 2019

Exams will be sheduled from Saturday 7 December to Friday 20 December 2019 inclusive (including Saturday 14 December).  Schools may use Friday 20 December to arrange exams which candidates have been given permission to defer.

May 2020

Exams will be scheduled from Saturday 9 May to Friday 22 May 2020 inclusive (including Saturday 16 May).  Schools may use Friday 22 May to arrange exams which candidates have been givne permission to defer. 


Caroline Patrick

Examinations Officer

27 June 2019


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