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Directions to examination venues

Arts Building

  • Arts Lecture Theatre (ALR, Arts Lecture Room)

Located on the ground floor of the Arts Building to the left of the main entrance. Access directly from The Scores.

  • Arts Seminar Rooms (individual room venues)

Reached through the main entrance (revolving door) – turn right on entering and take the stairs or lift up to the appropriate floor – the rooms are in groups of three per floor, starting on the first floor up.

Buchanan Building

Located on Union Street (runs between North Street, opposite St Salvator’s Chapel, and Market Street). Rooms are signposted off the main staircase – turn right as you enter the building.

Butts Wynd PC Lab (BWPC)

Access via the main entrance in Butts Wynd – third entrance door on the left coming from North Street. The lab is located on the ground floor, along the corridor to the right of the main staircase. It is the last room at the end of the corridor on the right.

The Gateway, Lecture Room 3 (GWAY)

Located on the North Haugh - it is the circular building housing the School of Management, close to the main road. Access is via the main door to the building - once in the foyer, turn right and use the staircase off the café area to go down to the basement, where the doors on your right lead to the foyer outside Lecture Room 3.

Medical and Biological Sciences Building (MBSB individual room venues)

Located on the North Haugh – the first building on the left as you turn into North Haugh opposite the entrance to the Petherham Bridge Car Park. When you enter the building, turn left and go past the café area. The Tutorial Rooms are ahead of you and down the corridor to the right.

Parliament Hall (LPH)

Located in St Mary’s College, South Street. Access directly from pavement of South Street and not from St Mary’s Quadrangle.

Psychology Old Library (PSYCH)

Access is via the main entrance to the School of Psychology & Neuroscience  (St Mary’s Quadrangle, South Street): turn right into the main foyer and cross this, then go up the staircase facing you and the Old Library is on your right.

Sports Hall (SPH)

Located at the University’s Sports Centre, St Leonards Road, St Andrews (off Hepburn Gardens). Exams entrance will be signposted.

Stewart Room (STR)

Located in the basement of the Younger Hall - access is via the door on the west side towards the back of the Younger Hall Building.

Swallowgate Computer Suite (SWALLOW)

Located in the Swallowgate Building (School of Classics) on the corner of Butts Wynd and The Scores.

Younger Hall (YH)

Situated on North Street to the east of St Salvator’s Chapel and College Gate. Access is via the main doors on North Street. The entrance to the Younger Hall is straight ahead.


Caroline Patrick

Examinations Officer

08 March 2018