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Academic Skills Project

‌The Academic Skills Project provides subject specific training in academic skills.Logo for the Academic skills project

The workshops are designed and delivered by post-graduates students within the schools- please see the links below for more information about what's going 
on in your school.

The scheme started in the School of History.  After a successful pilot scheme in 2012, three PhD students secured an Enhancement Theme Grant to fund the workshops in AY 2013/14. In the summer of 2014, under the oversight of CAPOD, the scheme was expanded to 10 Schools in the Faculty of Arts and to Science in 2015.  14 schools have now participated in the scheme with new schools joining every year.

See our short introductory videos below for more information about the project overall, and the benefits of the scheme for undergraduate participants and PGR tutors.

Benefits of the Academic Skills Project from University of St Andrews on Vimeo.

Arts and Divinity (2016/17)

For more details click on the links below to be taken to the appropriate page or download a programme.  Programmes for 2016/16 will be uploaded shortly- always check with the project team within your school for any changes!

School Contact Programme
Art History

Elisabetta Rattalino (asp-arthistory@)

Not running semester 2

Joanne Norton-Curry (jnc4@)

 ASP Classics 16/17 (Word, 13 KB)

David Rathel (asp-divinity@)

 see website  ASP Divinity S2 1617 (Word, 126 KB)
Film Studies

Connor McMorran (cam46@)

 ‌Not running semester 2
Geography and Geosciences

Tammy Green (tkg2@)

 ‌Not running semester 2

Sean Murphy (sm314@)

ASP History S2 1617 (Word, 71 KB)
International Relations

Pinar Kadioglu (pk23@)

 ‌ASP IR S2 1617 (Word, 55 KB)ASP IR 2016/7 (PDF, 109 KB)


 Not running semester 2
Modern Languages

Tiran Manucharyan (tm84@)

 ‌ASP Modern Languages 16/17 (PDF, 226 KB)

 James Ursell (ju5@)

 Not running semester 2
Social Anthropology

Karen Lane (kll5@)

 ‌Not running semester 2

Sciences (2016/17)

For AY 2016/17 workshops will be run in the following schools:

School Contact Programme
Computer Science vacant  
Biology Amy Swanston ( OR as363@) ASP Biology S2 1617 (PDF, 262 KB)
Psychology Benjamin Turnbull (asp-psychology@)  ‌
Maths and Stats pending  



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