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Guidance for Students

Self-certificates are online forms that must be completed when a student is unable to engage with classes or complete assignments.

Self-Certificates are required if a student:

  1. fails to attend an examination or,
  2. fails to engage with any part of the module or programme which is identified as compulsory in each School or,
  3. fails to submit a compulsory assessment on time, including an extended deadline or where a student has previously negotiated an extension.


Self-Certificates should normally be submitted within 3 days (or as soon as practically possible).

If it is unavoidable and planned ahead of time, the Self-Certificate should be submitted prior to the event.

If the submission of a Self-Certificate is temporarily impossible then the student should make every effort to contact the Module Co-ordinator or the School Office and then complete a self-certificate as soon as is practical thereafter.


Submission of this form does not guarantee that it will be approved by the relevant member of staff. In this case, the failure to engage with the module would be regarded as unresolved which may have consequences for a student’s studies.

Furthermore, submission of a Self-Certificate does not exempt a student from fulfilling compulsory elements of a module. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the appropriate staff member (usually the Module Co-ordinator) as soon as possible to ascertain:

  • if any remedial work is required;
  • if any documentary evidence is required;
  • if the student needs to be referred to the Associate Dean (Students) to discuss Leave of Absence because of the length or repetitive nature of the absences.

How to submit a self-certificate

To submit a self-certificate please use the self-certificate tasks on the ‘My details and development’ workspace on MySaint.

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