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Lateness penalty

Each formally assessed coursework assignment has a specified deadline for submission. Work submitted after the deadline is subject to a lateness penalty, calculated according to one of three available schemes selected by the school:

  • Scheme A: one mark (on the 20-point scale) deducted for every day (or part) late
  • Scheme B: one mark deducted for every 8-hour period (or part) late
  • Scheme C: three marks deducted, plus an additional one mark for every further 8-hour period (or part) late

Similar schemes apply where work is marked in percentages. Note that penalties start to apply immediately the deadline has passed – so marks are deducted if the work is one second late. The policy gives examples.

Penalties will not be applied if you have been given an authorised extension on the deadline, and you meet the extended deadline.

See also: Coursework Penalties (PDF, 361 KB).

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