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‌Dr Adam Welstead

Adam Welstead 2020

Mental Health Development Worker & Trainee Psychological Therapist (CBT)

As part of the Student Services Wellbeing, Counselling and Mental Health team, my role involves both mental health development work and practitioner work in evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy interventions for mild to moderate mental health problems. Prior to my current role at Student Services, I gained a range of academic and professional experience that informs my work - completing my doctorate and teaching at the University, working as Registry Student Support Co-ordinator, and gaining years of experience and training within the Student Services Wardennial Service and Wellbeing team. 

In my mental health development role, I am a member of the University's strategic mental health and suicide prevention working groups, and support the delivery of projects and initiatives to improve student and staff mental health and wellbeing at St Andrews. I play a lead role in institutional work on our Student Mental Health Agreement, and deliver training and presentations to support the development of staff and student literacy in mental health and suicide prevention.

In my practitioner role, I work to support and empower students in overcoming the challenges they face in order to fulfil their potential in their studies and life. My delivery of dynamic, evidence-based CBT interventions is characterised by a person-centred, psychoeducational approach rooted in the strengths and values of each person, and by the integration of mindfulness-based cognitive defusion techniques. 

Alongside my daytime role I am a Warden, managing the Wardennial team and service delivery at McIntosh Hall. As Warden, I am passionate about the creation of a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment within which students can feel a sense of belonging and find opportunities for personal growth and development within their hall community. 



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