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Information for Parents

When your son or daughter joins us in St Andrews it marks the start of an exciting new phase in life – for all of you!  The student is embarking on a life where they will discover who they really are, what they are capable of, and they will do this in an independent environment, very much an adult contributing to our community and entering into in a new relationship with our staff, who will work closely with your son or daughter to help them fulfil their potential.  

However, for parents this can be a difficult time, as you learn to relinquish a large part of the usual contact you have with your son or daughter.  Up to this point, you have told them what is right and wrong, made decisions on their behalf and steered them through their young lives.  But now it is time for you to let them lead, define and assume that self-control which will guide them through their own, adult lives.

In our experience, the shift from home life to university life sparks a new relationship between parent and child. The existing bond you have with your son or daughter will not break, they will need you throughout their university career and beyond, but a change in your relationship is inevitable.  So we want to work with you to help make this transition positive, rather than painful. We recognise the potential tensions in the transition and we want to help parents assess what their role can be, and what we in the University can, and cannot, do to help. Communicating with Parents (PDF, 949 KB)

We want to welcome all parents to be involved in helping their child succeed at St Andrews, noting that we work closely with the Development-run Parents programme to provide a dedicated information page which is regularly updated to highlight events and services throughout the University.  The University encourages families to be part of the St Andrews community through the Family Programme.



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