About St Andrews stories

The Stories section of the University of St Andrews website exists to showcase the impact of the University's world class research, teaching excellence and engaging history to people outside of the institution via long-form stories.

Long-form storytelling is a multimedia and interactive style of narrative digital journalism advocated by the digital communications team, who organise and write each article. These stories allow staff across the University to discuss their work using a range of channels: interviews, videos, podcasts, photography and detailed explanations of their impact. Long-form stories are not time sensitive and should be accessible to all readers, regardless of their background or previous understanding of the subject. 

For each story, the digital communications content team work alongside colleagues in the News team, academics, students and external groups connected with the University to create accurate, relevant and exciting stories. 

The digital communications team was inspired to experiment with long-form storytelling by The New York Times’ iconic Snow Fall piece. This article uses text, photography, videos, 3D maps and animation to tell the story of a fatal avalanche at Tunnel Creek, part of the Cascades mountain range in North America.

Ideas for long form stories

If you are a student or a member of staff at St Andrews and you have an idea for a long-form story, please contact the digital communications team by emailing digitalcommunications@st-andrews.ac.uk. It should be possible to explain your topic in plain English. The topic must be of interest to a general (non-technical) audience and have the potential to be accompanied by multimedia elements. Each long-form is between 2,000 and 3,000 words to be written in partnership with the digital communications content team. 

About the digital communications team

The digital communications team is a small start-up team within the University which was built on the foundations of the web team. You can find out more about the team on the digital communications team about page

The focus of the digital communications team is on improving digital communications, ranging from the University website, social media channels, email newsletters, Google Analytics use and data, online tools, third party website information and more. A full list of all services and software that the digital communications team is responsible for – including who to get in contact with if you require support – can be found on the digital communications team blog.