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2021 Stories

St Andrews Can Do

In a time when most of us were being told what we couldn’t do, the University of St Andrews took the bold step of taking on a new ‘Can Do’ mantra during the Covid-19 outbreak.

St Andrews Can Do: Connection

“The offering of events and activities throughout the year has really helped people to feel part of St Andrews and helped to counteract some of the isolation, stress and upset caused by the current restrictions.”

St Andrews Can Do: Meaning

From delivering essential doorstep supplies and cleaning up around town to students walking dogs for those unable to leave the house, hundreds of selfless acts combined to reflect the true spirit of the St Andrews’ community.

St Andrews Can Do: Getting outside

“We can still gather together and still do some of the things that make life feel more normal. We just have to do it in a safe way. We’re [also] really lucky that in St Andrews we have so many amazing outdoor spaces.”

Beginning to see the light

For the third time in the University’s history, 1,900 graduating students will be conferred their degrees online. As lockdown restrictions were beginning to lift, we asked our graduating students to share the light and dark moments of their Covid-19 experience.