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2019 Stories

Balance for better

The theme for this year's International Women’s Day – which calls for collective action and shared responsibility for driving a gender-balanced world - is #BalanceforBetter. From our first ever Assistant Vice-Principal in Diversity, Ruth Woodfield, to researchers working across disciplines on issues of gender, we asked colleagues across the University to strike the 2019 International Women's Day pose and to tell us what ‘balance’ means to them.

Living a good life with dementia

Dr Maggie Ellis, along with other psychologists at the University of St Andrews, have developed a range of different methods that allow people with dementia to express themselves. Their research has shown that far from being uninterested in life, those with dementia are still thriving and creative individuals who require unique and personalised ways to allow them to interact with the world.

The 600th Anniversary Campaign

A celebration of how the University of St Andrews reached its £100 million fundraising target and what this has achieved.

Line in the sand

On Friday 20 September 2019 students and staff stood side-by-side with school children, activists and local residents to join international climate strikes.

A 20th-century bromance

It’s 100 years since JM Barrie was elected Rector of the University of St Andrews. His Rectoral address was testament to an inspiring, and tragic, friendship with Captain Scott of the Antarctic.

The art of friendship

There are many examples of friendships successfully sustained, that have enriched St Andrews and its connections. The importance of being able to identify and value true friendships cannot be underestimated. Friendship rewards not only individuals but also holds humanity together.

The science of friendship

The nature of human connections has preoccupied thinkers since ancient times. Since human beings painted on cave walls, humanity has expressed a drive to communicate with one another – to connect.

Friendship between worlds

Liria Hernández, a Gitana (Spanish Roma) and Paloma Gay y Blasco, a Paya (non-Roma) anthropologist, have challenged academic orthodoxy and placed friendship at the centre of research.

Capturing friendship

A special photo series which celebrates what makes St Andrews connections so unique and enduring.