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Wee Walk Once a Week (WWOW)

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Wee Walk Once a Week (WWOW) is a 30-minute walk at lunchtime open to all staff, students, and townspeople.  Walks take place in the East, West and Central zones of St Andrews every week and are suitable for all fitness levels.

Joining a WWOW is a great way to meet colleagues, take a break from your work, and enjoy the fresh air and scenery in our beautiful town – as well as improving your walking fitness.

Walks are led by trained Walk Leaders. There is no need to book in advance, but please read the WWOW Walker Agreement (PDF, 129 KB).

How do I join the WWOW?

Just go to the Start Point of any walks you are interested in at 1.15pm on the relevant day. There is no need to sign up in advance. If you are a new Walker, the Walk Leader will ask you to agree to the Walker Agreement before the start of the walk. Then you’re off!

Where do the WWOW walks happen?

WWOW zones larger map (PDF, 515 KB)


To make it easy to join a walk in your lunchbreak, walks take place at 1.15pm in one of 3 zones across the town: East, Central and West.



Start Point(s)

Central Zone

Every Thursday at 1.15pm

Porter’s Lodge on North Street

East Zone

1st and 3rd Tuesday in the month at 1.15pm

Byre Theatre


West Zone

2nd and 4th Tuesday in the month at 1.15pm

The Gateway, North Haugh or West Port, South Street

Current Walking Schedule

The schedule for Semester 2 is now available.  The schedule will be updated as more walks are scheduled so check back regularly.

Please note that ALL walks start at 13.15.




Route & Starting Point



Diane Munday

East Sands Coastal Path (Central Zone Start Point: Porter's Lodge)



Lynn Hynd

The R& A Loop (Central Zone Start Point: Porter's Lodge)



Diane Munday

Lade Braes Central (Central Zone Start Point: Porter's Lodge)



Lynn Hynd

East Sands Coastal Path (Central Zone Start Point: Porter's Lodge)



Diane Munday

The R& A Loop (Central Zone Start Point: Porter's Lodge)



Lynn Hynd

The R& A Loop (Central Zone Start Point: Porter's Lodge)



Lynn Hynd

Long Walk & Kinnessburn (Central Zone Start Point: Porter's Lodge)

Walking Routes

St Andrews with its rich ecclesiastical, university and golf heritage provides wonderful and varied walking options.  Each walking route has been carefully devised to last no more than 30 minutes and suitable for all abilities.


Please note that the WWOW routes are currently being updated to reflect the WWOW Zones. Updated route maps will be available shortly.


Central Zone Walking Routes

Edible Campus Garden - Central Walk (PDF, 85 KB)

Updated 30/10

Long Walk and Kinnessburn (PDF, 97 KB)

The R&A Loop (PDF, 83 KB)

Porter's Lodge to Windmill Road (PDF, 54 KB)



East Zone Walking Routes

Beach Walk on East Sands (PDF, 76 KB)

East Sands Loop (PDF, 75 KB)

Edible Campus Garden - East Walk (PDF, 98 KB)

Updated 30/10

Lade Braes East Walk (PDF, 90 KB)

Lade_Braes_East - updated 05/10/18

Byre to Kinness Burn Loop (PDF, 84 KB)


West Zone Walking Routes

Balgove Larder via Cycle Path (PDF, 40 KB)

WWOW Gateway - Bargove Larder Route

Edible Campus Gardens - West Walk (PDF, 89 KB)

Lade Braes West Walk (PDF, 96 KB)

Paths and Wynds Walk (PDF, 109 KB)

West Sands Loop (PDF, 35 KB)

West Port to Spider Park (PDF, 51 KB)

Gateway to St Andrews Museum (PDF, 55 KB)

What is the aim of WWOW?

Why should you start walking? Walking for 30 minutes each day is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind, and spirit. The aim of WWOW is:

WWOW Walking feet image

  • To provide a ‘community activity’, not connected to people’s jobs or study, in which University staff and students can take part
  • ‌To encourage staff and students to be more physically active during the working day
  • To involve more members of University staff and student body to participate in a formal ‘health and wellbeing’ initiative, which may act as a ‘gateway’ to participate in other activities
  • To contribute to the development of an active ‘health and wellbeing’ movement within the University

How Do I become a Walk Leader?

Becoming a Walk Leader is very rewarding, both physically and socially. Walk Leaders are provided with the training and resources they need to lead walks safely and enjoyably.

WWOW Walk leader image

To become a Walk Leader you must:

  • attend the 2 hour Paths For All training session

  • produce 1 route plan for a 30-minute walk

  • complete a Risk Assessment for that route using our template

  • sign up to lead a walk!


When leading a walk, Walk Leaders:

  • ask participants to sign in

  • ensure new walkers have read the Walker Agreement

  • explain the walk route and any notes/hazards

  • appoint a 'back leader' (if necessary)

  • compete an incident form if there are any accidents or incidents during the walk

No Walk Leader Training is currently scheduled.  If you are interested in becoming a Walk Leader please email the Wellbeing & Engagement Group:

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WWOW is supported by Paths for All

Wellbeing & Engagement Group

Every month the group organises activities, events and promotions around different health and wellbeing themes.

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