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Wee Walk Once a Week (WWOW)

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100th Member

Our 100th member, Principal Professor Sally Mapstone, joined staff and students on 17/02/17 to walk the East Sands Loop (30 mins).  Further information can be found in Wellbeing news.

Group picture of WWOW walk.

What is WWOW?

The University Wellbeing and Engagement Group have grant funding from the charity Paths for All, to support a University walking group. 

WWOW launch and first walk image

Open to all staff and students, the group will organise a short walk in the town once a week, with regular 'portable breakfast/lunch' walks and periodic 'expert leader' walks at weekends for staff, students, friends and family members.


‌The weekday walks will be scheduled in advance (so people can plan ahead) and will take place either the early morning, late afternoon or at lunchtimes, and will alternate between different days to make them as accessible as possible. 


Anyone staff member or student can join the group, and can attend as many or as few of the walks as they wish, but walkers will have to register as WWOW members and book onto each walk. 


The walks are led by trained Walk Leaders, using routes planned in advance and risk-assessed. We currently have a small group of Walk Leaders and are scheduling further training. If we have more walk leaders we can have more groups walking and more frequent walks. The capacity of the WWOW to grow will therefore be dependant on having enough trained Walk Leaders and we are very keen to hear from people who may be willing to become walk leaders.

What is the aim of WWOW?

Why should you start walking? Walking for 30 minutes each day is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind, and spirit. The aim of WWOW is:

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  • To provide a ‘community activity’, not connected to people’s jobs or study, in which University staff and students can take part
  • ‌To encourage staff and students to be more physically active during the working day
  • To involve more members of University staff and student body to participate in a formal ‘health and wellbeing’ initiative, which may act as a ‘gateway’ to participate in other activities
  • To contribute to the development of an active ‘health and wellbeing’ movement within the University

How do I register to become a WWOW member?

‌To sign up as a WWOW member, please complete the online registration form

All participants must read and agreed to the conditions set out in the Walker Agreement which can be downloaded from the Documents section in the right hand column.

Once you have registered we'll make sure that you have access to walk routes, risk assessments and the current walk schedule.

You will be able to pre-book your place on the walks which suit you best.

How do I become a walk leader?

‌Leading the walks is not an onerous responsibility and will be a rewarding activity, both physically and socially, in which to take part.

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To become a Walk Leader you must:-

  • attend the 2 hour training session
  • produce one route plan for a 30 minute walk
  • complete the simple risk assessment for their walking route using our pro-forma risk assessment document
  • lead a walk no more frequently that once every 6 weeks

When leading a walk Walk Leaders will:

  • check participants off against the WWOW register
  • explain the walk route and any notes/hazards
  • appoint a 'back leader' (if necessary)
  • check that all participants have accepted the 'health walk agreement' (which they will do when they sign up to be a member) and know the walk rules
  • compete an incident form if there are any accidents or incidents during the walk

It might sound a bit bureaucratic but all of this is actually very quick and easy, and ensures that we meet our duty of care so that our walkers can enjoy the walks in safety.

Current Walking Schedule

The Semester 3 walking schedule is now available.





Starting Point 

Monday, 4 June 


Gillian Brunton 

East Sands Loop 

Porters Lodge 

Tuesday, 12 June 


Donna Pierz-Fennell 

Lade Braes West 

Argyle Street car park at top of Viaduct Walk 

Thursday, 28 June 


Sarah Latto 

Lade Braes East 

Old Burgh School 


Friday, 6 July 


Gillian Brunton 

East Sands Loop 

Porters Lodge 

Wednesday, 18 July 


Katherine Gill 

Long Walk & Kinnessburn 

Porter's Lodge 

Tuesday, 24 July 


Laura Newman 

St Andrews Museum to Windmill Road 

Front of St Andrews Museum 

Monday, 30 July 


Sarah Latto 

East Sands Loop 

Porters Lodge 


Wednesday, 15 August 


Catherine Botting 

West Sands 

Gateway Building 

Thursday, 23 August 


Laura Newman 

Viaduct Walk to Spider Park 

Argyle St Carpark at top of Viaduct Walk 

Friday, 31 August 


Sarah Latto 

Lade Braes East 

Old Burgh School 

Walking Routes

St Andrews with its rich ecclesiastical, university and golf heritage provides wonderful and varied walking options.  Each walking route has been carefully devised to last no more than 30 minutes and suitable for all abilities.

The images for all routes have been saved on a PDF: WWOW walking routes - ALL (PDF, 574 KB)


Lade Braes Central (PDF, 501 KB)

WWOW Lade Braes Central

Lade Braes East (PDF, 46 KB)

WWOW Lade Braes East

Gateway along West Sands (PDF, 40 KB)

WWOW Gateway - West Sands Route

Gateway along cycle track to Balgove Larder (PDF, 40 KB)

WWOW Gateway - Bargove Larder Route

The R&A Loop (PDF, 39 KB)

WWOW R&A Route

East Sands Loop (PDF, 71 KB)

Long Walk and Kinnessburn (PDF, 97 KB)

Beach Walk (PDF, 42 KB)

Lade Braes West (PDF, 40 KB)

Paths and Wynds (PDF, 101 KB)

West Sands Loop (PDF, 35 KB)

How do I book onto a walk?

Once registered as a WWOW member you shall receive an email invitation to each scheduled walk through Outlook.

If you wish to join the walk please accept the invite and if you don't wish to participate please decline. If you are undecided either don't respond immediately or register maybe as you can change the status of your response at any time. The number of spaces on each walk maybe limited, we would therefore request you confirm your attendance to guarantee your space.

Walk Leader Training

No Walk Leader Training is currently scheduled.  If you are interested in becoming a Walk Leader please email the Wellbeing & Engagement Group

Details of training shall appear here when available.

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WWOW is supported by Paths for All

Wellbeing & Engagement Group

Every month the group organises activities, events and promotions around different health and wellbeing themes.

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