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Step Count Challenge 2017

The 2017 Step Count Challenge ended on 25 June after 8 weeks of dedicated walking. New records were set this year. 78 University teams took part (390 staff), which is a huge increase on the 33 teams in 2016, and 9 teams in 2015. Between them they walked more than 300 million steps, equivalent to around 142,000 miles. 57 of our 78 teams were in the top half of the national league table, 18 were in the top 100 and two teams finished in the top 10, out of the 968 teams taking part.

Last year we aimed to achieve the highest level of participation in the Scottish Education sector and we have succeeded. Additionally, we have the second highest level of participation out of all employers in Scotland. Next year we want Step Count Challenge to be even bigger and even better. Our target is to sponsor 100 teams.

Stories and Photos

Read Laura Duff’s story (Team Proclaimers) and her motivation behind the Step Count Challenge. Laura has raised £1,000 so far for the British Heart Foundation charity. If you would like to donate you can do so by visiting Laura’s Just Giving page. Well done Laura!

85K stepsLyndsay Mitchell has beaten the new University record set by Maneesh Kuruvilla with 85,036 steps!

Two of the Logical Steps team  ( Laura and Moira) braving the torrential rain last Sunday!Two members of the Logical Steps team (Laura Newman and Moira Gilruth) braving the torrential rain last sunday! (11/06/17).

Maneesh Kuruvilla from team Don’t Stop Me Now! deserves a special mention this week as he managed more than 80,000 steps on Saturday, 3 June setting a new University record!

Cláudia (CREEMinals) and two other friends went up 2 munros in Glen Clova; they were blessed by the good weather, but kept a close eye on their step count and... carried some motivational Scottish delights with them.

Another Step Count Challenge blog post from team FASt…Not Last! Lyndsay Mitchell shares her love for walking and the positive impact that it has had on her life. Lyndsay set a new University record by walking an incredible 71,019 steps in one day - breaking the previous record of 50,000 steps in 2015. Well done Lyndsay!

Rhona Rodger captured this picture of a double rainbow, after the rain, at the bottom of the Lomond Hills.

I am loving this year’s challenge, my team are providing excellent support and motivation and I have managed to beat my previous daily targets so far. I have an underlying condition which can affect my joints unpredictably, so multiple short walks work best for me. My favourite strategy is to ‘reward’ myself with a pause to take in a lovely view, such as the West Sands or a landmark like the Castle or Cathedral. Evening walks usually start from the tree opposite my house where I’m often treated to a lovely sky sunset. My border collie Flo seems to enjoy taking in the views as much as me! My longest walk so far this challenge unfortunately coincided with the wettest day – 4500 steps to go when the heavens opened, so Flo and I were drenched.  Jackie Proven



West Sands

River Ness




Alain Leger from team FASt...Not Last! shared his experience in a recent blog post for the Step Count Challenge. Walking ten miles a day to work will certainly help him stay fit and bring his team one step closer to defeating reigning champions, NHS Ayrshire and Arran. 

Three steppers and a mini stepper walked in brilliant sunshine from Ceres to Hill of Tarvit and back, clocking in a respectable 6,500 steps. An excellent time was had by all as evident in this photo of Lucie Wight, Laura Newman, Moira Gilruth and Iona Wight.

Step Count Challenger Kim Bennett has made her walks more enjoyable by capturing some of the beautiful views that Scotland has to offer as seen in this photo ‘coo with a view’ as she walked up Norman’s Law.

Kim Bennett
has been busy getting some steps in:

Overlooking East Sands

Hill of Tarvit Mansion House

Loch Leven from top of Vane Hill near Kinross

West Sands looking up Eden Estuary


Key dates

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Step Count Challenge

The Challenge is 8 weeks of dedicated walking.  For information and news on previous years, please visit the archive:

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