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Step Count Challenge 2016

The 2016 Step Count Challenge ended on 12th June after 8 weeks of dedicated walking.  33 University teams took part (165 staff), which is a huge increase on the 9 teams in 2015.

Between them they walked a total of 112 million steps, equivalent to around 56, 000 miles.  27 of our 33 teams were in the top half of the national league table, 7 were in the top 100 and one team finished 7th nationally, out of the 884 teams taking part.

Congratulations to all University teams who took part this year, the top 3 places in house went to the following:

  • 3rd - StAMP-stomp-Tryp-trip (Chemistry) - more than 4.8 million steps.

  • 2nd - The Proclaimers (Chemistry) - more than 4.9 million steps.

  • 1st - CAPLOD (CAPOD) - more than 5.9 million steps.

For those interested in the full table of University team results, please visit the University Step Count team totals, 2016.

Next year we want Step Count Challenge to be even bigger and even better.  Our target is to sponsor 50 teams to take part and to achieve the highest level of participation in the Scottish Education sector.

‌Special congratulations

Image for recognitionCAPLOD team member: Lynn Neville

who was nominated for, and won, the 2016 Step Count Champion Award, out of 4200 participants and hundereds of nominations.

Feedback from participants

As the Step Count Challenge teams grow every year, so does the feedback from those who have enjoyed participating in the challenge:

  • Its been great fun and passed by so quickly.

  • Its been great fun, a real eye opener and motivational.

  • I think this was a great challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed participating - i hope my team did too. We didn't really do team activity, but I think it did encourage all of us to be as active as we could during the challenge.

  • The challenge has been motivating and rewarding - we have all found that we've got something from it; we've had our own personal goals as well as enjoying the team effort!

  • Team had a great time and managed to complete many more steps than usual.

  • Overall, we really enjoyed the competition, and found how easy it is to increase the number of daily steps (and how a desk-based job impacts our ability to move as much as we'd like/ought)

Key dates

A few key dates for your diary, please make a note!

Step Count Challenge

The Challenge is 8 weeks of dedicated walking.  For information and news on previous years, please visit the archive:

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