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Fresh produce giveaway 2016

Kettle Produce and Andersons sponsored the University's fresh produce giveaway, supplying 100kg of fruit and vegetables for 50 lucky 'Well Now!" newsletter readers.  If you were one of the lucky few please send us any photos, recipes or tips you had when using your free produce and we'll add them to the webpage.

LN healthy soup made from produce.
Lynn Neville (CAPOD) used her produce to make this amazing healthy soup. 


Homemade soup (Sandra Roddick - CAPOD)

Image of roasted vegetables from Aileen Cook.
Roasted vegetables (Aileen Cook - Library)

The following montage shows a few participants collecting their produce from the various 'collection points' situated around the campus, showing how happy and appreciative they are to be on the receiving end of this fantastic promotion.

Montage of participants in givaway.

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