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The Wellbeing and Engagement Group organises events, activities and promotions all year round, based upon specific monthly themes.  These news pages include:

  • 'Hot off the press!' which is up to date news and information on health and wellbeing events/ activities organised by the group;
  • 'Your Well Now' which includes your news, activities, outcomes, social activities/events and fundraising; and
  • Archives for the current years news.

'Your Well Now!' - submit information and news on your events/activities to:


Desk Stretches

Take some time to do a little moving and shaking throughout the day in the comfort of your office space.  Try these Desk Stretches (PDF, 914 KB).

Be kind to yourself and others

In the context of your work, here is some of the advice we are able to offer to help you 3 people and a heartexercise that:

  • If the 'big picture' is too much, focus on the individual tasks you can do
  • If you don't meet your set goals, don't puni‌sh yourself. Accept it and do what you can.
  • Don't forgive yourself, only to expect yourself to make up for it later
  • Only do the best you can with what you have, it's all anyone can ask of you

Jump Out of January | 8-week programme

For 2021, the Jump Out of January Lifestyle & Fitness Programme is being delivered online, due to Scottish Protection restrictions.  The sessions are designed to help those who wish to commit to making a change in their nutrition, fitness and mindset for a happier healthier start to the new year.

The course will consist of:

  • 8 x 45-minute online (TEAMS) fitness/lifestyle coaching with Callum Knox, Health & Fitness Team, running on Tuesdays, 5:30-6:15PM

Book your place via the University course booking system.

Flexible Working Forum

This forum is to provide information regarding the University's Flexible Working policy and the opportunity to ask colleagues who work in academic schools who have flexible working arrangements.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear experience of obtaining formal flexible working arrangements, how flexible working has changed their work/life balance and advice on how to go about getting flexible working.

Val Insch, HR Business Partner, will also be attending to provide policy and procedure information about flexible working.

This forum is meant for all staff of academic schools, both academic and professional staff.

Interested in coming along - book via the University course booking system  

Can Do Reading Lunch | Library and Museum Team

28th January, 13.00 to 14.00

Join the Library & Museum Team for a 1-hour group reading lunch

Research has shown that reading for pleasure has a direct impact on wellbeing, and sharing a love of books and reading with others can amplify the benefits.

COVID might have put a stop to your travel plans, but books can take you anywhere!

Come along with a favourite book that you would be happy to talk about and share with others. Lunch will be provided free of charge and each participant will receive a £10 Toppings and Co. book voucher towards your next read! Your recommended reads will go on an online display on the library community bookshelf and recommendations posted on the library blog.

Can’t attend in person? No problem, you can join us online via Teams!

Interested in coming along? - book your place via the University course booking system

Andy's Man Club

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 - 1 man every 2 hours!  We are a peer to peer support group for men.  Come and have a brew and a chat!  All group meetings are Mondays at 19.00.

To find your nearest group visit the website:

St Andrews Group: University Chaplaincy

No old news at present.

Wellbeing & Engagement Group

Every month the group organises activities, events and promotions around different health and wellbeing themes.

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