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The University of St Andrews has been recognised as an example of good practice for our health and wellbeing programmes. Healthy Working Lives is an initiative designed to increase the health and wellbeing of employees across Scotland. Organisations are encouraged to work towards three levels of Healthy Working Lives awards; bronze, silver and gold. In December 2013 the University began working towards a Healthy Working Lives Bronze award and in 2014 we were successfully awarded with Bronze.  In November 2016 we achieved the Healthy Working Lives Silver award from NHS Fife.  We retained our Silver Award in November 2017. We have recently achieved the Gold Award. 

Read our Wellbeing & Engagement Group Strategy 2018-2021 (PDF, 2,057 KB).

Read our HWL Action Plan 2017-20 (Excel, 24 KB)

 Getting involved

Work on the Healthy Working Lives award is coordinated by the University’s Wellbeing and Engagement Group. The group meets every few months and comprises members from OSDS, HR, Sports and Exercise, Occupational Health, Corporate Communications, Trades Unions, Estates, the Students' Association and other staff reps.

Overall, the Wellbeing and Engagement Group is a focal point for:

  • Coordinating a programme of health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year
  • Coordinating the dissemination of information about health and wellbeing,
  • Coordinating a network of local Healthy Working Lives champions
  • Working with colleagues across the University to build on our Healthy Working Lives Bronze and working towards the Silver Award.

However, we want as many colleagues as possible to be part of the Healthy Working Lives initiative. We want the Wellbeing and Engagement Group to have representation from all parts of the University staff community and we are also looking for ‘local champions’ who will help with dissemination of information and organising local activities. If you are interested in getting involved or if you have any comments or suggestions you can get in touch with the Chair of the Wellbeing and Engagement group:

Your Wellbeing & Engagement Group Members

Jos Finer (Chair)

OSDS (OSDS Director & Organisational Development)

Callum Knox / Claire Scott

Department of Sport and Exercise

Janey Watt

Occupational Health

Christine Tudhope

Corporate Communications

Karen McGregor

Equality & Diversity

Elaine Miller

University Library

Lynn Neville

OSDS (Professional Staff Developer)

Annie Rickhard

Careers Centre

Katherine Gill

OSDS (Organisational Development Coordinator)

Andrea Roach

Transition St Andrews (Edible Campus)

Andie Habeshaw

Sustainable Transport

Barbara Davey


Lisa Stewart


Jenny Donaldson

Residential & Business Services

Robina Boehnke

Student Services

Gozde Ozakinci

School of Medicine

Lilia Chatterjee


Healthy Working Lives Award

Healthy Working Lives Survey 2016

Thank you to all who took part in the Healthy Working Lives Survey in November 2016!  The next Healthy Working Lives survey will be run in 2019.

Part of the criteria to achieve a Healthy Working Lives award is to survey employees to achieve a baseline of current staff attitudes and knowledge across a range of health and wellbeing areas. This allows the Healthy Working Lives team to help plan which areas to focus resources on in the coming months, and develop an action plan. This also allows as many colleagues as possible to be part of the Healthy Working Lives initiative.

The results of the survey will inform the work of the University Wellbeing and Engagement Group in developing our Healthy Working Lives Action Plan and our programmes of health and wellbeing activities, events and campaigns.

For more information about the outcomes of the Healthy Working Lives Survey see the Healthy Working Lives survey 2016 (narrative summary) (PDF, 304 KB)

Wellbeing & Engagement Group

Every month the group organises activities, events and promotions around different health and wellbeing themes.

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