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What sort of support does the student need?

Are there support issues arising from a mental health problem? Student Services
Has the student told you directly about a specific problem, eg Bereavement, Relationship breakdown, Eating disorder, Alcohol/drugs Student Services
Does the student need to talk things through with someone who will provide a listening ear? Student Services
Is there a clear health problem? GP or Health Service
Is the student very worried about academic matters?

Student's Academic Adviser

Student Services 

Is there a persistent study problem?  
Does the student have financial problems? Student Services 
Is the student concerned about his or her use of alcohol or drugs? Student Services 
Does the student: Experience panic attacks or extreme anxiety, Work unrealistic hours, Avoid starting or finishing work, Have perfectionist tendencies Student Services 
Is the problem due to loss of motivation or difficulty concentrating?  Symptoms could be: Signs of depression, Low mood, Low energy, Difficulty sleeping, General loss of interest/concentration, Loss of self-confidence, Tiredness Student Services
Is there a problem of discrimination or harassment or a complaint? Human Resources or Student Services
Is there a problem related to accommodation?

Students' Association

Student Accommodation Services

Student Services 

Does the student need spiritual support? Chaplaincy
Might the issue be related to the student being from overseas? International Adviser, Student Services


Remember - friends and family can be a source of support

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