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How do you know there is a problem?

Trusting your own judgement - check the following

Is the student's behaviour causing concern? How does the student seem? Is there other information

Is the student telling you there is a problem? Tense / irritable Are housemates of staff telling you something about the student that indicates a problem?
Is there anything unusual or unpredictable about the student's behaviour that makes you feel uneasy? Sad / miserable / tearful  
  Behaving erratically  
  Changing mood or behaviour  
  Withdrawn or very quiet  
  Poor concentration  
  Smelling of alcohol / cannabis  
  Very loud / disinhibited  
  Talking incoherently  

  Is this different from your previous experience of this person?  

  You might see a significant change in appearance (e.g. weight change, decline in personal hygiene)  
  Behaviours may have changed (e.g. staying in bed all day, work handed in late, not attending classes, avoiding going out)  
Do you need more information from the student? Do you need more information from other staff? Would it be helpful to consult with someone else?

How does she or she feel? Has anyone else noticed a problem? Your colleagues
Is there something wrong? How is the student functioning academically? Line manager or senior colleague
Has there been a similar experience in the past?  

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