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Getting involved ...

The University of St Andrews has formed contacts with local volunteering groups, who are all very keen to speak to any staff members who may be interested.  There are a wide range of opportunities to get involved within the community, in & around St Andrews.  As well as internal options (within the University), there are also a range of external organisations who are grateful for staff volunteers helping out.  Any volunteer work can be arranged to fit in with your lifestyle and needs.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering, especially when you are new to an area, can be very beneficial, satisfying and is open to anyone.  Volunteer time periods are flexible to suit your needs, you could even do it on an ad hoc basis, and you can help with multiple organisations.  Some of the many benefits include:

  • Work experience;
  • Develop new skills;
  • Access to free training courses;
  • Increases self confidence & esteem;
  • Meet new people within the community;
  • Helps your community;
  • Gain a sense of achievement;
  • Reduces feelings feelings of isolation & boredom (especially if new to the area);
  • Develop new interest;
  • Puts your talents, interests & skills to good use;
  • Enjoyment and fun.

Wellbeing & Engagement Group

Every month the group organises activities, events and promotions around different health and wellbeing themes.

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