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Transition Pathway

During spring 2020, around 450 staff from Professional Services will be relocating to Walter Bower House at the Eden Campus.

Many of you have been contributing to the relocation project and have been working with your colleagues to understand the implications of the relocation on your business processes and on your colleagues themselves.

As the relocation draws near, it is important that we continue to support our teams and engage with colleagues, not just before the relocation, but during the relocation and after.

On the basis of feedback received following the Eden Leadership Programme and directly from Service Units, we have been liaising with the Professional Services Relocation Working Group and other Service Units to create a programme of activities designed to meet this need.


Programme themes

The programme is structured around 5 themes:

1. Wellbeing: Any change process can be stressful and can test the resilience of those involved. The PSR project is no different and it is important that there is support to help individuals to build their readiness for change and to provide tools for dealing more effectively with the impact of change on them personally.

2. Smart Working: New workplace, new work spaces, new ways of working. Adopting an 'activity-based' approach to workspaces and using technology to support different working habits will help to make the transition more productive and and will support healthy working.

3. Dynamic Teams: Dynamic teams will exist where Units have staff located both at Eden Campus and in town, or in many other cases where staff are 'smart working' from different locations and at different times. Dynamic teams must still ensure that they are delivering services in as seamless a way as possible. They need to work productively, communicate effectively and maintain a shared sense of purpose and identity. 

4. Culture and Collaboration: Walter Bower House will not just be a place of work, it will be a community of colleagues. How we all work together to shape the community and our shared workplace culture will be an important component of a successful transition.

5. Transition and Beyond: This programme is not just about preparing for the relocation. It is about how we transition from our current workplace into our new workplace. It is about how we make this new workplace our own, how we make it work for us and for the University, how we embed a sense of community and shared purpose.

Within each theme we are offering one or more activities. Some are aimed at individuals, some at work teams/Units.

This is a mix-and-match approach, as the combination of activities to support one individual person, or one work team, may be different to those that would be of most benefit to other individuals or teams.

The programme outline indicates how individuals and teams/Units can access the different activities, either by booking directly on to the activity through PDMS, or by a request to OSDS.

Certain activities will be offered on a bespoke basis, as the application of the activity content will be specific to the circumstances of the team/Unit, but the approach and general principles will remain the same.

Engaging with the programme

Service Units (Service Directors, management teams and staff) should discuss the Transition Pathway options, and decide on the pathway that will best suit the individuals and teams in the Unit.

A member of the OSDS team will also be happy to come and discuss this with your team/Unit and help to develop your Transition Programme template.  If you would like this support, please request by email to  Additionally, if you would like one of the team to speak about this programme at a Unit meeting, just get in touch.


Programme outline

The outline programme can be downloaded from this section and includes details of activities within each theme currently scheduled or under discussion. The outline also provides information about how each of the activities can be accessed, either by booking places directly via a link to PDMS listings or by request to the programme team.

The programme outline is a live document and will be regularly updated as new activities are confirmed.

Transition Pathway programme outline (Word, 28 KB)


Events and training

Other resources

Smartworking Case study