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Online resources

Web Timetables

The main teaching timetable for the academic year is available for staff and students to view online through Web Timetables. Timetables can be viewed by room, module, department or building.

For further information on how to use this facility, consult the Web Timetables User Guide (PDF, 707 KB).  If a module or location you are looking for is not showing, please advise Timetabling Services

Web Room Booking (WRB)

Web Room Booking for the 2019/20  academic year is now open. We recommend accessing this with either Firefox or Google Chrome browsers as some users have experienced issues when using Internet Explorer.

Staff should use this facility to make ad-hoc booking requests only. Regular teaching bookings should, as far as possible, be made through timetabling staff in your School. 

Please click on the following link to access Web Room Booking(WRB).

Students do not have access to the WRB system, but are advised to contact their School, the Students' Association or Accommodation, Conferences & Events (ACE) to book rooms as appropriate.

The availability of a room can be checked in the first instance via the Web Timetables 

Evening, weekend and vacation bookings

A number of rooms are bookable through Accommodation, Conferences & Events (formerly CGS) after 6pm, at weekends, and during vacation periods, which means that an online booking search may not always show availability for the room(s) you may be interested in.

Room Booking Control Sheet 2019/20 (PDF, 599 KB) confirms the controlling status of all rooms throughout the year. Where a room and date is labelled 'ACE', contact Reservations on 01334 463000 or for booking information.


The following rooms/buildings are bookable through the named offices in the table below

Master's Room (Heb's Block) Principal's Office
Parliament Hall & Senate Room Accommodation, Conferences & Events (ACE)
St Mary's College: King James Library Main Library, User Services Manager
St Mary's College: Common Room School of Divinity
Sports Centre Sport & Exercise Department
Students' Association Building Students' Association, General Office
Lower College Hall & Upper College Hall Accommodation, Conferences & Events (ACE)
Younger Hall Music Centre (ACE in Summer Vacation)
Residential Buildings Residential & Business Services