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Frequently asked questions

  • Web Room Booking (WRB)
  • Syllabus Plus (S+)
  • Locations and general information

Web Room Booking (WRB)

How can I make an ad-hoc room booking?

The Web Room Booking (WRB) system allows you to make ad-hoc bookings - this will open in the third week of teaching in Semester 1. You will be able to select your location, day and time and a list of available rooms based upon your criteria you have selected will be produced. Select your preferred room and complete the details such as your name, booking description and telephone number.

Your request will then be submitted to Timetabling Services and you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Further information on how to use the WRB system is available via Web Room Booking User Guide (PDF, 1,327 KB)

Why can’t I make a booking for the new academic year on WRB?

We require as much flexibility as possible with the teaching timetable and the WRB system for the new academic year remains closed whilst the academic timetable is constructed. Ordinarily WRB will open in teaching week 3 of Semester 1 each year.

How can I cancel a room booking?

Once you have signed into the Web Room Booking system, click ‘my bookings’ at the bottom of the page. Find the booking you wish to cancel and press the ‘Cancel’ button.

Why isn't the room I require showing?

Rooms will only show if they match the suitability you have chosen and if they are available at the time you have indicated.

Syllabus Plus

I’m a new user - how do I get Syllabus Plus installed on my PC?

Please contact Timetabling Services and we will guide you on how to get access to the software;

After the software has been downloaded Installing Syllabus Plus from the Software Center (PDF, 527 KB), the Timetabling Team will set you up as a new user and help you to follow the steps in the Syllabus Plus - Connection to 2019/20 Database (PDF, 847 KB)  document to complete the process. Training will be arranged for all aspects of using the software.

Are the week numbers in Syllabus Plus the same as the Academic Calendar?

The week numbers differ between the Syllabus Plus and Academic Year calendar . This is because Syllabus Plus works on a 52 week year, starting in pre-sessional week, whereas the Academic Year works over 30 teaching weeks.  Please use the Syllabus Plus - Week Conversion Chart 2019/20 v.1.0 (PDF, 231 KB) as a guide.

I have scheduled my Activity but a red question mark has appeared?

This indicates that there is a problem with your activity - a number of which can be legitimate. For further details you can double-click on the question mark to show the specific problem. Timetabling Services keep an eye on all of these potential problems and resolve all those that need to be,  but please do contact us should you have questions about this.

Where can I find a timetable for our school or modules online?

Access the following link Web Timetables and filter by either modules or departments.

The information displayed on the timetable will consist of:

Module code, Activity Type eg. Core Activity, staff name will appear if assigned in Syllabus Plus, the location and the semester week/s s eg. S1:wk1 – S1: wk11

Locations and General Information

Where do I find a map of where the timetabled room is located?

Please click on the Maps section on the web page for maps of all the buildings. Further information can be found on our Locations page.

Who do I contact to book a room in evenings/weekends and in vacation periods?

Please kindly refer to the Room Booking Control Sheet 2019/20 (PDF, 599 KB)

How can I contact Janitorial staff for my building?

The Janitorial staff is centralized within three areas: North Haugh, United Colleges and St Mary's Group. Please see the Estates contacts list for anyone requiring assistance and contact the Senior Janitor employed within the appropriate area.

Who do I contact if I need to report a problem?

For problems with AV or IT equipment in teaching rooms, please contact the IT Helpdesk on 01334 463333 or email