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QAA Enhancement Theme

Call for expressions of interest:  Institutional Theme Leader and Steering Group Members

Enhancement Theme 2020-2023

As you may be aware, the current Enhancement Theme ‘Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience’ is coming to a close this Spring.  Gerald Prescott (Deputy Head, School of Biology) who has acted as the Institutional Theme Leader for the last two years will be stepping down from the role as will members of the current Enhancement Theme Steering Group.

The new three year Enhancement Theme will be formally launched by the QAA in June but we would like to form a new Steering Group as soon as possible and are therefore looking for 4-5 colleagues who would be interested in either leading the Enhancing Theme as Institutional Lead or becoming a member of the Steering Group each of whom will lead a strand of work. 

If you would like to be involved in this work please send a brief email to Clare Peddie, Vice-Principal Education (Proctor) (  by Friday 03 April saying why you are interested and how it may help your career development. Gerald Prescott is happy to be contacted to give more information about his role and how the Enhancement Theme works. Colleagues who are interested in becoming involved will be given the opportunity to meet with Clare Peddie, Gerald Prescott, Ros Campbell (Academic Policy Officer, Quality) and Nicola Milton (Head of Education Policy & Quality), all of whom have experience of working with the Enhancement Themes.

The new Enhancement Theme will be launched at the Enhancement Themes Conference which will be held in Glasgow on 3rd and 4th June 2020.   The individual appointed as Institutional Theme Leader would be encouraged to attend this event, as well as an event which will be held towards the end of this semester which will showcase projects which have been completed under the current Theme.

About Enhancement Themes

The Enhancement Themes aim to improve the learning experience of students studying within the Scottish higher education sector. The sector achieves this by identifying and agreeing a specific area to work on (known as a Theme). The Themes encourage institutions, staff and students to work together to develop new ideas and models for innovation in learning and teaching. Each Theme also allows the sector to share and learn from current and innovative national and international practice.

Previous themes include Student Transition, Graduates for the 21st Century and Developing and Supporting the Curriculum.  The current theme Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience, launched in 2017 will end in Spring 2020.

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