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Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQs)

What are MEQs?

MEQs allow the University to collect data on student satisfaction. A questionnaire is produced for every student on every module they are registered on within the University.  The evaluations provide students with an opportunity to comment anonymously on various aspects of their modules, e.g. content, structure, presentation, workload, and provision of resources.

How do they work?

Delivered online, they consist of a standard set of questions Revised MEQ Questions for 2019/0 (PDF, 185 KB) and any additional School-specific questions that Schools wish to ask. It is not possible to change or omit the Proctor’s Questions.  There are different core questions for dissertation modules - dissertation questions (PDF, 70 KB)

For each run of MEQs, Schools are responsible for updating their School contact and staff and module status for each module within MMS. The evaluations (which use the Evasys system), are then generated by CEED and are delivered to students through MMS.

When do they run?

MEQs run three times a year (end of Semester 1, end of Semester 2 and in August for Dissertation modules).

MEQ dates for AY 2019-20

Semester 1

MMS deadline: 11 November 2019

MEQs open: 18 November 2019
MEQs close: 6 December 2019

Semester 2

MMS deadline: 6 April 2020

MEQs open: 13 April 2020
MEQs close: 8 May 2020

Semesters 1 and 2 deadlines guide





Week 9

- update School contact list,
- update module and staff information in MMS,
- author School-specific questions in Evasys
CEED   Generate surveys based on:
- updated MMS data,
- Proctor's Questions,
- School-specific questions (if any).
MMS Team

Week 10 Open MEQs - make link within MMS live to students
Week 12 Close MEQs - deactivate MMS link and make reports available

Reports become available immediately after the MEQs have closed.

A. Module level reports

These are accessed on MMS by clicking on this link:

•    Module co-ordinators/administrators (as set in MMS) receive the complete report, including the free text answers

•    Lecturers/ tutors (as set in MMS) receive their individual feedback plus the generic tick questions but no free text answers.

CEED has no authorisation to provide individual lecturers/tutors with additional individual reports with free text answers.

B. Additional Reports for Directors of Teaching

More detailed comparison reports are available to DoTs by clicking on View School within MMS and then selecting MEQ Overview (aka ‘The Tartan Rug’)

A. Important documents

Revised MEQ Questions for 2019/0 (PDF, 185 KB)

Guidance on authoring school-specific questions (PDF, 2,298 KB)

School Contacts - please contact us with any updates with regards to your School

Download this guidance as a PDF (PDF, 230 KB)


B. Bias: How to interpret and use MEQ feedback

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group produced a summary of the literature on bias and examples of how MEQ scores can be used effectively. This is available via How to interpret and use MEQ feedback (PDF, 459 KB)


C. Support contacts

CEED web & evaluation officer: Carina Evans

T: (01334) 46 2340


MEQ Process/MMS Updates

The MMS deadline has passed and I’ve realised staff are missing from being evaluated in the module; some staff are not teaching/ on research leave this semester and are still mentioned in the module;  some running modules have been missed and are still at ‘do not evaluate’.

  • Please contact me ( for further advice before changing anything as the data already collected may be compromised and could be lost.  With modules that have been forgotten and still say ‘Do not evaluate’, please contact me to let me know as updating to ‘evaluate’ will not work alone.  There are technical background processes that need to be completed for the change to be accepted by the system.  Please note that the MEQ will still only run to the scheduled closing date.

I’m new/ having problems with the MEQ process, are there any training notes or support?

  • Training notes are available on the website for adding Optional Question Blocks, if you still find you are having problems and need support please contact me (2340/ and I can help you.

Some of our modules run out with the normal MEQ time period, can they still be evaluated?


MEQ Questions/Question Blocks

Can we amend or delete any of the Core Questions (also known as Proctor’s Questions)?

  • None of these questions can be interfered with as the University requires these generic questions to be able to compare data across schools.  To add any questions you can use the Optional Question Block which allows a maximum of 5 questions.

What are Optional Question Blocks?

  • The blocks provide schools with the opportunity to add their own questions within a module evaluation.  The guidelines for these blocks are: no more than 1 block per MEQ; blocks can contain up to 5 questions only; a block can be used on more than 1 module; multiple blocks are allowed and can be created but only 1 block can be used per module.

I’ve created a new question block, can I delete the old one?

  • Please DO NOT delete the original question block as this contains the data already collected for previous MEQs.  Deleting the old Block will remove all the data associated with the Block, making the affected reports incomplete.

What is the MMS activation code?

  • The activation code is the link between information on Evasys and MMS, a bridge for the data to get from A to B.

Can the MMS activation codes be rolled over from last year?

  • No, there is no facility to do this.

I’ve revised the wording in the Optional Question Block, can we still use the same MMS activation code?

  • As the Question Block has data stored against it, the Block is locked to editing.  When amending any part of a Question Block you need to ‘copy’ the original, and edits are made through the copy.  The ‘copied’ Block is a new Block, therefore requires a new MMS activation code for MMS to recognise it. 

We are using the same Optional Question Blocks as previously, do we need a new MMS activation code?

  • As long as nothing has been changed and it’s exactly the same block, you can use the same MMS activation code.


MEQ Feedback

When and where are the MEQ feedback results published?

  • As soon as the MEQs officially close the results are available, unless the MEQ runs out with time period.  You can access the results through MMS, so just sign in and the relevant results will be available to you (see reports tab).  Please note that unless you are a module coordinator, you will only receive the generic and individual results – no free text answers.

I need access to the full report, not just my specific results, who do I contact?

  • Please contact the module co-ordinator, DoT or admin office who should have access/ or know who has access to the full report.  Unfortunately CEED is not authorised to provide full reports for those who are not entitled, this decision should be made within the school.



I’ve forgotten the EvaSys password and/ or username.

What is the MEQ contact list for and why should I ensure my school details are up to date?

  • Any MEQ matters and information will be communicated to the staff on the list as they have been provided as the MEQ contact(s) within your school.  By not ensuring your school details are correct could mean you miss out on vital and important information emailed to the group.  In turn this could lead to the disruption/ delay of your school MEQs.

Do we need to do anything when the MEQs open?

  • We recommend schools contact their students and encourage them to complete the MEQs.  Also, any issues or problems that occur, please report to me ( for fixing/ investigation.

Carina Evans
CEED web and evaluation officer

Hebdomadar's Block
St Salvator's Quad
T: (01334) 46 2340

School Module Evaluation contacts (log in)

Please notify us of any changes to the information within the contacts for your school.