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Annual Academic Monitoring

Annual Academic Monitoring (AAM) is a well-established component of the University calendar and is a crucial element of our procedures for the quality assurance and enhancement of learning and teaching at St Andrews. This process requires all Schools in the University to submit an annual report to the Academic Monitoring Group reflecting on their previous year's teaching. Further information on the process is available in the AAM Flowchart (PDF, 215 KB)

This regular monitoring of quality and standards is supplemented by a more thorough review, with external participation, every 6 years through a programme of University-led Reviews of Learning and Teaching.

Guidance on report completion

The AAM report pro forma 2018-19 (Word, 24 KB) for 2018-19 will be circulated to Schools in early May. 

The AAM report should be a reflective, focused and concise evaluation of the School/Department’s learning and teaching experiences over the last academic year in relation to UG, PGT and PGR provision.

It should make reference to relevant sources of evidence in support of the statements made, for example NSS, internal PG survey results, student feedback, External Examiners’ comments, module evaluation feedback, interactions with the Learning & Teaching Committee, Postgraduate Research Committee and CAPOD, etc. Data will be made available to Schools in early July (post graduation). AAM data from previous years is available to University staff. 

The report should also feature reflection on collaborative programmes where relevant and any School/Department-based initiatives related to the current Enhancement Theme. Responses to each question should not exceed 300 words (unless this is necessary) and Schools/Departments are encouraged to use bullet point format.

The Academic Monitoring Group expects all School/Department Teaching Committees to have input into the drafting of the report. Schools/Departments are also encouraged to schedule a teaching seminar/workshop/meeting prior to the writing of the report, so that the whole School/Department can have input into the process. Student consultation must be a formal part of the report preparation.

Dissemination event

Some of the interesting and innovative practices emerging from the AAM reports will feature at a dissemination event in November 2019 (date tbc). The programme (PDF, 272 KB) for the 2017 event highlights the topics which were presented and discussed in small groups. 

General enquiries

Nicola Milton
Head of Education Policy & Quality
+44 (0)1334 46 2131

Ros Campbell
Academic Policy Officer (Quality), Proctor's Office
+44 (0)1334 46 3600