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Higher Education Research


Higher Education Research LibGuide - A subject guide for higher education research. This guide introduces you to some of the key resources for research into education available through the University Library.

Developing the Higher Curriculum (2017)
A complementary volume to Dilly Fung’s A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education (2017), this book explores ‘research-based education’ as applied in practice within the higher education sector. A collection of 15 chapters followed by illustrative vignettes, it showcases approaches to engaging students actively with research and enquiry across disciplines. It begins with one institution’s creative approach to research-based education – UCL’s Connected Curriculum, a conceptual framework for integrating research-based education into all taught programmes of study – and branches out to show how aspects of the framework can apply to practice across a variety of institutions in a range of national settings.

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A series of workshops have been put together to support those interested in Higher Education Research and related topics. Contact if you are interested in attending any of these events.

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