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McCall MacBain Foundation Teaching Excellence Award

The University of St Andrews is grateful to the McCall MacBain foundation for enabling us to establish an award scheme to recognise staff that have shown outstanding contributions to teaching.  There is one submission deadline each academic year.

In order to provide a distinctive complement to our existing university and student-led teaching award schemes which already celebrate great teaching, the McCall MacBain award particularly recognises those who advance the scholarship of teaching and learning. This award thus recognises those who not only show scholarly excellence in their own teaching, but through sharing their practice have the potential to impact on the practice of other teachers in the University and beyond. The submission guidelines set out below explain how applicants can demonstrate this kind of contribution.

Submission Guidelines

Applications for the award are encouraged from academic staff involved in teaching who have contributed to teaching excellence by advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning (thus supporting the teaching of others). To apply, two items should be submitted:

  1. An item of evidence which takes the form of one of the following, produced in the 18 months up to the application deadline:
    • A teaching-related journal article or book chapter(s) that has been accepted for publication.
    • An oral presentation at an external teaching-related conference or event (provide presentation slides if applicable).
    • Materials for a teaching-related workshop (a plan and handout, for example) that has been delivered at an external teaching-related conference or event.
  2. McCall-MacBain submission form (Word, 17 KB)which includes:
    • A short statement (350 words) about the contribution of the applicant’s work (in the item of evidence) to teaching excellence in higher education, particularly with respect to how this could support/improve the teaching of others;
    • An explanation (150 words) of how the award will be used to further your professional development and/or research into teaching; and
    • A commitment in principle to participate in a good practice sharing event to which interested staff – and the award sponsors – will be invited.

The submitted evidence may be solo or collaborative work. In the case of collaborative work, each applicant should add to the submission form a short note detailing their particular contribution to the item of evidence.  Joint applications are possible, in which case all participating St Andrews staff involved in the submission will share a single bursary.

The Award

The award is a bursary of £750 to be used for personal and professional development in relation to teaching. Possible uses for the bursary might include:

  • Attending external professional development events or teaching-oriented conferences (give specific examples and why you wish to attend).
  • The organisation of workshops to share or present educational research findings, or to build practice networks in the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Information gathering and sharing visits to other higher education institutions.
  • The purchase of equipment or books for the award winner’s use in teaching or pedagogical research.

Award Process

The awards are competitive, and we expect to make about 9 awards each year for three years. To submit an application, please send a completed application form, with your evidence, by 5pm on Mon 18th March 2019, to Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee at  Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 15th April 2019.

The applications will be judged by a panel comprising Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee (CAPOD - Chair), Dr Sandra Romenska (Management), Dr Paula Miles (Psychology and Neuroscience), Dr Ian Smith (Associate Dean - Arts and Divinity) and Dr Jonathan Issberner (Associate Dean - Science).

General enquiries

Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee
Educational and Postgradute Researcher Developer
+44(0)1334 462334

Award Recipients

October 2016