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Teaching Excellence Awards 2018

The Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony for the 2017-18 academic year was held in Upper College Hall on Monday 30 April 2018. The awards ceremony celebrated excellence in teaching across the University.

4 University awards were made this year to the following teachers who have all contributed significantly to learning and teaching over many years:

Dr Lucy Donaldson (School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies)

TEA 2018 Lucy Donaldson

Lucy received her award for her paramount role in her innovative team-taught lecture series to connect students to the latest changes and directions in the discipline. She also promotes new technologies to create opportunities for peer learning, extending discussions outside of the seminar room. In addition, Lucy promotes best teaching practices within her department and gives encouragement to others to enhance their teaching methods.

Dr Mike Kesby(School of Geography and Sustainable Development)/p>

TEA 2018 Mike Kesby

Mike was a Teaching Excellence Award recipient for his impressive, highly engaging teaching style and innovative assessments in his module ‘HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa’. In addition to this element of his teaching, his long-standing leadership of the interschool Social Science Research training programme was also recognised. In this context, his School commended Mike’s commitment to enhance the employability of students through more relevant professional development, as well as fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between students. His collegiality and hard work in this area, over a number of years, have benefited and been appreciated by a large number of colleagues and students, who are rightly grateful to him.

Dr Radoslaw Stafanski (School of Economics and Finance)

TEA 2018 Radoslaw Stefanski

Radoslaw was given this award for his dedication to research-led teaching and the eagerness he shows to help students understand economics as an academic discipline. He also leads carefully structured tutorials which focus on debates and discussions around different approaches to solving economic problems. Radoslaw is also known for his research-led teaching innovations, in terms both of content and of teaching methods, have had an impact on students’ engagement and experience. The emphasis he places on investigative learning is a very valuable element of the curriculum as a whole.

Mrs Kerry Tavakoli (School of English Language Teaching)

TEA 2018 Kerry Tavakoli

Kerry received her award for her inspirational teaching style she uses while also sharing knowledge to improve educational practice. She has also successfully coordinated the 7th annual English for Academic Purposes practitioner conference.

Student-led Teaching Awards

The Students' Association also recognised teachers and support staff who contributed significantly to students' learning and teaching experience. Further information about those awards can be found on the Students' Association teaching awards page.