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Teaching Excellence Awards 2017

The Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony for the 2016-17 academic year was held in Parliament Hall on Tuesday 18 April 2017.  The awards ceremony celebrated excellence in teaching across the University.

4 University awards were made this year to the following teachers who have all contributed significantly to learning & teaching over many years:

Prof. Will Cresswell (School of Biology) 

Will Cresswell receiving his award from the Principal.

Will received his award for his paramount role in the development and introduction of statistical and quantitative skills for students in the department of Biology. He holds a series of workshops throughout the semester in which students analyse real biological data sets, which provides them with important practical data analysis experience. Additionally, he is involved in developing the Schools MBiol Integrated Masters degree programme and contributes to a wide range of modules taught within Biology, as well as Sustainable Development modules, run by the School of Geography and Sustainable Development.

Dr Clare Gill (School of English) 

Clare Gill receiving her award from the Principal.

Clare was a Teaching Excellence Award recipient for her inspirational teaching practice in her module ‘Read all about it! Victorian Literature and the Press’. One of the key distinguishing features of the module is the emphasis on digital research, which enables students to utilise tutor-led electronic resources workshops, interactive seminars and weekly ‘digital homework’ to further their confidence in digital research. Clare facilitates collaboration in her module, by enabling students to produce a glossary of online databases. Next year, she has plans for a student-led ‘Victorian News Twitter profile.

Dr Elise Hugueny - Léger, Dr David Evans, Dr Elodie Laügt and Ms Odile Rimbert
(School of Modern Languages) 

The Modern Languages Team receiving their award from the Principal.

Elise, David, Elodie and Odile were given this award for their module ‘Creative writing in French’. This is a unique course in Scotland and French studies in the UK, in its ambition to encourage students to write creatively in a second language. The module is structured around writing workshops and students are encouraged to read each other’s work to develop their ability to formulate critical and constructive feedback. In addition, students benefit from writing workshops with prize-winning author Emmanuelle Pireyre, and go on a writing retreat with published author Lou Sarabadzic.

Dr Antje Kohnle (School of Physics and Astronomy) 

Antje Kohnle receiving her award from the Principal.

Elizabeth received her award for her dedication for learning and teaching within the School and across the University. Antje has led a team of staff and students to develop a suite of interactive simulations covering all aspects of an introductory quantum mechanics course. The visualisation project QuVis has become an essential teaching resource used by several staff in the School, as well as teaching laboratories in the School of Chemistry. The QuVis website has as many as 35,000 sessions per year, with 63% of users from the USA. Antje has also been an engaging and innovative lecturer who receives exemplary feedback for her honours modules in Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear and Particle Physics.

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Student-led Teaching Awards

The Students' Association also recognised teachers and support staff who contributed significantly to students' learning and teaching experience.  Further information about those awards can be found here.