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Teaching Excellence Awards 2015

The Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony for the 2014-15 academic year was held in Parliament Hall on Wednesday 29 April 2015.  The awards ceremony celebrated excellence in teaching across the University.

6 University awards were made this year to the following teachers who have all contributed significantly to learning & teaching over many years:

  • Dr Emma Buckley (School of Classics)  Emma received her award for her pioneering series of original modules on classical reception topics, along with her dynamic and exciting class discussions as described in her excellent student feedback.  The panel were also impressed by the way Emma introduces students to new theoretical approaches and new assessment methods in consistently exciting and innovative ways.
  • Dr Graham Kirby (School of Computer Science)  Graham was given this award for his dedicated and inspirational approach to teaching, and his enthusiasm and hard work in ensuring improvement to modules and programmes in the School of Computer Science, helping his School to achieve a top position in the last two National Student Surveys.
  • Dr Ruth Robinson (School of Geography & Geoscience)  Ruth was a Teaching Excellence Award recipient for her dedication in overseeing and coordinating the entire reshaping of the BSc Honours degree programme in her department as well as being key to constructing the department’s junior semester abroad programme.   Ruth also developed the Summer Field Academy which has been adopted by other universities in the United States.  Impressively, Ruth is also director of the GeoBus mobile educational outreach programme.
  • Dr Martyn Quick (School of Mathematics & Statistics)  Martyn received his award for his commitment to teaching, having taught a great variety of modules spanning all levels and ranges of ability and also his excellent student feedback: Martyn is a hugely popular teacher within School of Mathematics & Statistics.  Martyn is also extremely dedicated to curriculum development.
  • Dr Jim Aiton (School of Medicine)  Jim received a Teaching Excellence Award for his long record of excellence and leadership in teaching. He has a strong reputation as an inspiration teacher. Jim was also a core part of the team that designed and implemented the new undergraduate medical curriculum in the School, as well as being instrumental in the initiation and design of the School’s online curriculum management and virtual learning environment, Galen.  
  • Dr Bruce Sinclair (School of Physics & Astronomy)  Bruce received his award for his passion for innovation combined with a strong sense of pastoral duty of care to students.  Bruce is also committed to widening participation in undergraduate Physics at St Andrews including setting up the Gateway to Physics and Engineering programme.    Bruce also pioneered the use of computer-aided learning methods in undergraduate Physics


  • Proctor
  • Audience
  • Principal
  • Principal and Audience
  • Paul Savage
  • Audience2
  • Tim Stojanovic
  • Konrad Lawson
  • Anna Brown 1
  • Anna Brown 2
  • Audience3
  • Javier Letran
  • Lori Davis
  • Nick Brooke
  • Jonathan Keeling
  • Gail Reid
  • Proctors Award
  • Group


Student-led Teaching Awards

The Students' Association also recognised teachers and support staff who contributed significantly to students' learning and teaching experience.  Further information about those awards can be found here.