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Teaching Excellence Awards

The Teaching Excellence Awards provide an opportunity to recognise academic staff who are making a significant contribution to excellence in teaching across the University.  Four awards are made each year either to an individual or group of academics.‌


Winners of the Awards have demonstrated many innovative ways to improve teaching and enhance the student learning experience.

The Students Association runs its own Teaching Awards - although the University and Association come together to present all of the Awards at a joint Ceremony.

The Proctor's Award is also presented at this ceremony.  This award is a collaboration between the Students’ Association and the Proctor’s Office. The Award looks to recognise and reward commitments made by students, particularly class representatives and School Presidents, in enhancing learning and teaching and is presented to a student for commitment in enhancing learning and teaching at the University of St Andrews.

Photoslideshow of 2019 Awards

  • Proctor
  • Audience
  • Principal
  • Principal and Audience
  • Paul Savage
  • Audience2
  • Tim Stojanovic
  • Konrad Lawson
  • Anna Brown 1
  • Anna Brown 2
  • Audience3
  • Javier Letran
  • Lori Davis
  • Nick Brooke
  • Jonathan Keeling
  • Gail Reid
  • Proctors Award
  • Group



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