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Institutional team

As the institutional contact and lead, Ros Campbell provides liaison, leadership and continuity for the duration of the 3-year theme. She is supported by an institutional team, which:

    • acts as an advisory body for the Enhancement Theme institutional lead
    • oversees and coordinates the institutional priorities for the Enhancement Theme
    • consider applications made to the Enhancement Theme fund and allocate funds
    • raises the profile of, and increase engagement with, the Enhancement Theme
    • produces reports, case studies, media and other submissions as required by QAA Scotland
    • represents the university at local dissemination events and sector events, e.g. the Theme Leaders Group, the Student Network, and the annual Enhancement Themes Conference.

Meeting dates for AY 2017-18

  • Tuesday 5th December 2017
  • Tuesday 13th February 2018
  • Tuesday 27th March 2018
  • Tuesday 15th May 2018

Team members

  1. Jenni Awang – Planning
  2. Nikki Broughton – CAPOD (Theme Administrator) 
  3. Rosalind Campbell – Proctor's Office (Chair/Theme lead)
  4. Zach Davis – Director of Education
  5. Paul Gardener – Psychology & Neuroscience
  6. Elise Hugueny-Léger – Modern Languages (S2 onwards)
  7. Graham Kirby – Computer Science
  8. Sharon Leahy – Geography and Sustainable Development
  9. David Rathel – Divinity (PGR rep)
  10. Gurch Sanghera – International Relations
  11. Claire Shirey – Director of Wellbeing 
  12. Stephen Tyre – History

Institutional Lead

Ros Campbell
Enhancement Theme Lead and Academic Policy Officer (Quality), Proctor's Office
+44(0)1334 463600

Dr Gerald Prescott (2018-19)
Senior Lecturer (Education-focussed)