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Enhancement Theme funding scheme

Do you have an idea for how evidence (of any sort) might be used to improve the student experience (in any way)? Would you like to conduct some research, create a resource, or hold an event that delves into this theme? If so, why not try applying for up to £1,000 of Enhancement Theme funding. Applications from students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff are welcome.

Funding criteria

  • Relevance: Initiatives must focus on the nature and use of evidence to improve the student experience.
  • Innovation: We welcome original initiatives, particularly those that encourage collaboration between disciplines; are student-led or involve students; or bring together colleagues from different academic Schools and Units.
  • Academic impact: Initiatives must make an identifiable difference to students, and should also have the potential for wider impact and sustainability, e.g. results or experiences capable of being disseminated to effect change or adoption elsewhere within the University, or shared with other institutions.

The purchase of equipment will not normally be funded, and funds are not available to support individuals in their own research/study. Initiatives will not be funded more than once; applicants should indicate how the initiative will be sustained beyond the initial funding.

What types of initiatives receive funding?

Suggested topics include research into nature and use of evidence in particular disciplines, resources or events to support pedagogical research, analysing data routinely collected by the School to detect patterns that might inform changes to teaching, but the Panel will consider any project that meets the funding criteria above.

Under the previous theme we funded a range of student and staff-led initiatives such as:

  • Events including mini conferences, networking sessions, and exhibitions
  • Projects such as a study into the wellbeing of first year students
  • Resources such as interactive movies and e-learning guides
  • Other ideas including a mentoring scheme and a programme to help students reintegrate after a leave of absence.

Application deadlines and procedure

Applications will be considered by the Enhancement Theme team, which meets throughout the academic year. The current application deadlines are at 5pm on the following dates: 

  • Monday 9 April 2018
  • Monday 7 May 2018
  • Monday 18 June 2018

Please complete the Enhancement Theme Application form (Word, 27 KB) and submit this in MS Word format to Emails regarding the outcome of applications will be copied to the Head of School/Department/Unit and the budget holder.

Human Resources should be consulted for advice on appropriate hourly rates of pay (and holiday pay) for work to be carried out by students.

If running an event please factor in a reasonable lead in time when submitting your application form.

Conditions of funding

Successful recipients will be required to submit a brief report on what they have achieved. Please complete the Enhancement Theme End report (Word, 19 KB) and return this to once your initiative has been completed.

Funding recipients are also required to produce a media element (e.g. podcast or video) or a poster, provide an image for the Enhancement Theme web page, and may be asked to present at a local Enhancement Theme event. 

General enquiries

Ros Campbell
Academic Monitoring & Development Adviser, CAPOD
+44(0)1334 467158

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Enhancement Theme Application form (Word, 27 KB)

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Institutional Lead

Ros Campbell
Enhancement Theme Lead and Academic Policy Officer (Quality), Proctor's Office
+44(0)1334 463600

Dr Gerald Prescott (2018-19)
Senior Lecturer (Education-focussed)