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Enhancement Themes

What are Enhancement Themes?

The Enhancement Themes are Scotland-wide initiatives that aim to improve the learning experience of students in higher education. The themes are topics that all Scottish universities focus on at the same time, and aim to enhance the quality of teaching and student learning. Each university works on this topic in their own institution for a period of three academic years, and the sector comes together at regular intervals to share their learning with each other.

What is the current theme?

The current Enhancement Theme is Evidence-based Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience. Further information is available via the current theme page. In addition to work being carried out at institutional level, staff and students are encouraged to bid for funding for School-level initiatives. Please visit the funding guidance page for further information.

How are the Enhancement Themes managed?

The themes are managed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Scotland, which is an independent body responsible for quality assurance and enhancement in Higher Education. This work is also supported by the following groups:

  1. Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee: The themes are directed by the sector through this group, which comprises staff members who have institutional responsibility for learning and teaching. Professor Lorna Milne (Vice Principal [Proctor]) represents the University of St Andrews.

  2. Steering Group: Each of the 19 Higher Education Institutions has their own institutional team to work on the Enhancement Themes.

  3. Theme Leaders Group: This comprises the institutional leads from each institution and three student representatives. Rosalind Campbell (Academic Monitoring/Development Adviser, Proctor's Office) is the institutional lead for the University of St Andrews.


In addition, QAA Scotland organises an annual Enhancement Theme conference held in June, which is open to all staff members and students in Scottish higher education institutions.

Further information, including newsevents, and an Enhancement Theme guide is also available via the Enhancement Theme website

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