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Enterprise Education Network

Enterprise Education Committee

The Enterprise Education Committee is the steering group for Enterprise Education in the University. It is made up of colleagues who are involved in furthering the Enterprise Education initiative within the University and liaises with both the Staff Enterprise Network and Student Enterprise Champions to further embed and promote educational initiatives linked to enterprise in both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities in the University. The current membership is comprised of:

  • The Associate Deans of Education
  • Academic Policy Officer (Taught Degrees)
  • Chair of the Staff Enterprise Network
  • Representatives from the Careers Centre
  • Students’ Association Representatives (Director of Education and Director of Student Development and Activities

Staff Enterprise Network

The network is made up of colleagues who have developed, or who are interested in developing, an enterprising approach in their learning and teaching and who encourage their students to cultivate an enterprising mindset. Please contact the Associate Deans if you are interested in joining the network.

Student Enterprise Champions

Student Enterprise Champions will be ambassadors for enterprise and entrepreneurship at the university, working with and supporting the university’s focus on this area. They will promote and encourage student participation in enterprise and entrepreneurship learning and development.


Enterprise Education

Dr Ian Smith
Associate Dean Education (Arts and Divinity)

Dr Jon Issberner
Associate Dean Education (Science)

Dr Kevin McNamara
Academic Policy Officer (Taught Degrees)