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Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

Enterprise Education

What it is?

‘The process of developing students in a manner that provides them with an enhanced capacity to generate ideas, and the behaviours, attributes, and competencies to make them happen. It extends beyond knowledge acquisition to a wide range of emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and practical behaviours, attributes and competencies, and is appropriate to all students.

The aim of Enterprise Education is to produce graduates with an awareness, mindset and capability to generate original ideas in response to identified needs, opportunities and shortfalls, and the ability to act on them, even if circumstances are changing and ambiguous; in short, having an idea and making it happen.’

(Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, Enterprise and entrepreneurship education: Guidance for UK Higher Education Providers, January 2018, p. 9).

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Dr Ian Smith
Associate Dean Education (Arts and Divinity)

Dr Jon Issberner
Acting Dean of Science

Dr Kevin McNamara
Academic Policy Officer (Taught Degrees)