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DoT Zone

The DoT Zone is a landing page for Directors of Teaching.  It collects together links to important resources, documents and policies of greatest use in the DoT role.  The page also includes a list of key dates and deadlines, names and contact details for other Directors of Teaching, and a brief description of Who’s Who in the university administration.  A highly recommended reference source is the ‌Directors of Teaching Handbook 2019-20 (PDF, 602 KB)

Semester dates

DoT Handbook

The Directors of Teaching Handbook, produced by the Proctor's Office provides a comprehensive guide to the DoT role.

The Handbook includes information about learning and teaching strategy, assessment, graduation, student matters, key contacts and a 'year in the life of a DoT'.

The Handbook is updated annually, and can be downloaded and viewed here:

Directors of Teaching Handbook 2019-20 (PDF, 602 KB)

Networking and sharing

DoT Lunches

There are many opportunities for Directors of Teaching to interact, including the Directors of Teaching lunch which occurs twice a semester.  This is chaired by the Proctor and also attended by the Deans, Pro Deans and Associate Deans.  It is not minuted and provides an occasion for DoTs to raise concerns and share information over a sandwich.

DoTs should already have the dates for the DoT lunches in their calendars, but the dates are provided here for reference:

Semester 1:

Wednesday 16th October (week 5)

Wednesday 11th December (week 13)

Semester 2:

Wednesday 12th February (week 3)

Wednesday 20th May (week 15)

All take place in the Hebdomadar's Room, 75 North Street, 12.30-2.00pm.

Group emails and contact lists

Directors of Teaching find it valuable to contact one another to discuss the implementation of policies, procedures and special cases where these relate, for example, to a student who is taking modules in both Schools. 

As well as writing to DoTs individually, there are also e-mail groups for DoTs in Arts, Science and all DoTs.

Directors of Teaching Contact List (Word, 21 KB)

There is also a contact list and a brief description of Who's Who in the University administration (Word, 18 KB)‌.

DoT Pairing

If you feel you would benefit from being informally paired with another, more expereinced (or former) DoT, who may be able to to offer advice, guidance, practical help, or just a sounding board, please contact the Associate Dean, Education (Arts and Divinity), who will be happy to discuss with you and set up a suitable pairing. 

Learning and Teaching Committee

The University’s  Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC)

The LTC meets twice a semester to discuss university business relating to learning and teaching.  Attendance is required by Directors of Teaching or a delegate.

LTC agendas and minutes from previous meetings.

Academic Forum

The Academic Forum is an event held every semester and organised by the Proctor’s Office to consider themes in learning and teaching.  All Directors of Teaching (or a delegate) are invited to attend.  Typically, these are presented by an external speaker.  Previous topics include feedback on assessment, the use of technology, enterprise education, and research-led teaching.  Further information, including links to presentations can be found on the Academic Forum webpage.

Recommended training

OSDS courses

The Organisational Staff Development Services (OSDS) provides a wide range of development opportunities for University staff, some of which will be of particular relevance to Director's Of Teaching.

Some of the workshops recommended by previous DoTs include:

Creating positive outcomes from difficult conversations

25 May 202029 October 2020

Dealing with difficult behaviour

Part 1:

27 September 201913 December 20195 March 20204 June 2020

Part 2:

16 August 201913 February 2020

HR Policies for Managers

24 September 201922 October 201914 January 202019 March 202019 May 202027 July 202024 September 2020

Mental health toolkit

03 September 2019 (morning), 03 September 2019 (afternoon)

Scottish mental health first aid

2-3 June 202018-19 November 2020


OSDS also offers the Academic Staff Development Programme (ASDP) which includes workshops relating to learning & teaching.

The whole catalogue of currenlty scheduled development activies can be found on the University course booking system PDMS.

DoT Mentoring | Buddy Scheme

If you feel you would benefit from being informally paired with another, more experienced (or former) DoT who may be able to offer advice, guidance, practical help, or just act as a sounding board, you can sign up to the DoT Mentoring/Buddy scheme. We will then try our best to identify a suitable colleague with whom you can be partnered.

If you are a current or former Director of Teaching and would be willing to act as a mentor to a more recent or new/incoming DoT, please register with us using this online form.

This form should be used by incoming or current Directors of Teaching if they would like to be matched into a mentoring partnership with a current or former Head of School.

It can also be used by current and former Directors of Teaching to register as a DoT Mentor

Mentoring partnerships are adaptable and flexible arrangements which should address the specific needs of the mentee.

In this context a mentoring arrangement can therefore be as formal or informal as necessary and may consist of just one meeting or of a series of meetings on a regular basis.

The exact arrangements for each partnership should be agreed by the partners, but the mentee would be expected to set the direction of the discussion to ensure that the partnership addresses their particular needs.

More information about DoT mentoring can be found on the dedicated webpage.

If you have any queries about mentoring for Directors of Teaching you can contact the Academic Staff Developer within OSDS.


Funding related to teaching

Funding Sources related to Teaching

The McCall MacBain Foundation Teaching Excellence Award particularly recognises those who advance the scholarship of teaching and learning. This award thus recognises those who not only show scholarly excellence in their own teaching, but through sharing their practice have the potential to impact on the practice of other teachers in the University and beyond.

Useful links

Frequently used links

DoTs often find themselves referring to some policies or university webpages with high frequency.  For convenience, some of the most important links are collected here.

University policies and regulations are readily accessed from the following menu: Academic Policies and Regulations menu

Policies frequently referred to by Directors of Teaching include:

Other often used links