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Module and programme approval

The Dean of Arts & Divinity and the Dean of Science ensure that standards are maintained by assuring the quality aspect of academic programmes offered at the University. This is in line with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)'s UK Quality Code, Part B, Chapter B1: Programme design and approval.

Anyone wishing to propose amendments to or create new modules and programmes must follow the University's Policy on Module and Programme Approval (PDF, 134 KB) which will provide information on the approvals process. Guidance is also available in the Curriculum Design Flowchart (PDF, 192 KB)

Please contact the relevant Pro Dean Curriculum (Science or Arts & Divinity) or Taught Postgraduate in the first instance for guidance on the arrangements for approval, and the support available, particularly when commencing work on a proposal for a new module or programme or to amend an existing module or programme.

Please note the regulation of curriculum changes to comply with consumer protection legislation (PDF, 403 KB)

Modules: proposal, amendment and withdrawal

Please use C-View to submit all new module proposals and module amendment and withdrawal proposals. Please note that submissions are NOT complete until the submitter (normally, the Director of teaching or Head of the School) has approved them:


A‌ll module amendments will be directed to the relevant pro dean and then to CAG when appropriate.

Programmes: proposal and amendment

Business Cases

Curriculum Approvals Group

The Curriculum Approvals Group‌ (CAG) meets to consider all module and programme submissions. The papers for each CAG meeting are circulated one week in advance.

CAG meeting dates 2019-20

S1 Pre 09 Sep 19 Submission deadline for Schools
S1 2 23 Sep 19 CAG Meeting 1
S1 6 21 Oct 19 Submission deadline for Schools
S1 8 04 Nov 19 CAG Meeting 2
S1 11 25 Nov 19 Submission deadline for Schools
S1 13 09 Dec 19 CAG Meeting 3
Inter Sem 17 Jan 20 Submission deadline for Schools
S2 1 27 Jan 20 CAG Meeting 4
S2 4 17 Feb 20 Submission deadline for Schools
S2 7 02 Mar 20 CAG Meeting 5
S2 8 30 Mar 20 Submission deadline for Schools
S2 10 13 Apr 20 CAG Meeting 6
S2 13 06 May 20 Submission deadline for Schools
S2 15 18 May 20 CAG Meeting 7


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General enquiries

Jonathan Smith
Curriculum Officer
+44(0)1334 462351

Lucy McMaster
Senior Administrator
+44(0)1334 464107

Sibylle Scheipers
Pro Dean Taught Postgraduate
+44(0)1334 462944

Sharon Leahy
Pro Dean Curriculum (Science)
+44(0)1334 463937

Lisa Jones
Pro Dean Curriculum (Arts/Divinity)
+44(0)1334 462489