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The main aims of the curriculum at the University of St Andrews are to produce flexible, independent thinkers who have subject-related and generic skills in readiness for work.

The curriculum is developed on research-led teaching, guided by cutting edge researchers and delivered by the best teachers from around the world.

Embedded in the core curriculum are principles of research methodology, ethics and responsibility and insight into global and cultural issues. Changes are made with due consideration to minimising impact, safeguarding academic standards, and assuring the quality of the learning experience.

The university teaches not only skills and flexible thinking but a belief in the ability to use these beyond graduation.

General enquiries

Dr David Evans
Pro Dean Curriculum (Arts & Divinity)
+44(0)1334 463665

Dr Sharon Leahy
Pro Dean Curriculum (Science & Medicine)
+44(0)1334 463937

Professor Sibylle Scheipers
Pro Dean (Postgraduate Taught)
+44(0)1334 462084

Jonathan Smith
Curriculum Officer
+44(0)1334 462351

Lucy McMaster
Senior Administrator
+44(0)1334 464107