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Committees and Groups

Learning and Teaching Committee

The Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) is responsible on behalf of Senate, for all undergraduate and taught postgraduate academic provision.  See LTC remit and membership 2016-17 (PDF, 42 KB)

Academic Business Committee

The Academic Business Committee is responsible for the proposal and facilaitation of the annual schedule of business to be considered by the Learning and Teaching Committee and Postgraduate Research Committee.

The ABC Remit & Membership 2016-17 (PDF, 26 KB)

Postgraduate Research Committee

The Postgraduate Research Committee is responsible on behalf of Senate, for all research postgraduate academic provision.

The PGRC Remit and Membership (PDF, 40 KB)

Academic Monitoring Group

The Academic Monitoring Group (AMG) monitors a broad range of internal review processes and structures relating to the quality of academic provision and reports annually to the Learning & Teaching Committee and Postgraduate Research Committee.

The AMG remit and membership 2015-16 (PDF, 32 KB)

Curriculum Approvals Group

The Curriculum Approvals Group (CAG) meets to consider all module and programme submissions.

The CAG Remit & membership (PDF, 26 KB) of the Curriculum Approvals Group.

Qualifications Group

The Qualifications Group meets to review and approve changes to UG and PG Entrance Qualifications Criteria.

Qualifications Group - remit and membership (PDF, 81 KB)

General enquiries

Nicola Milton
Head of Education Policy
tel: +44(0)1334 462131

Key dates and events AY 16 - 17 (PDF, 255 KB)