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Staff Survey 2021

University staff survey 12 November - 3 December 2021

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The University has conducted staff surveys on a regular basis since 2003. So far 7 surveys have been conducted with the last survey taking place in 2017, although a significant survey and additional consultation activity took place in 2019 to inform the development of the University People Strategy.

Since the first survey in 2013, the number of staff taking part has steadily risen and in 2017 reaches the highest total so far, with 57% of staff taking part.

A lot has happened since then, and the 2021 survey provided an opportunity to reflect on staff experience of working for the University during a period of landmark events and significant change.

Survey method

The survey was run online (via PC and mobile device) and by paper copies. Staff chose which version they used.

The online version used the third party survey software Qualtrics. All staff received an email on the first day, which includes a link to the survey.  The link was unique to each person.

Paper copies were distributed to staff who had limited access to a PC at work - primarily in RBS and Estates - but were available to any member of staff on request.

Pre-addressed envelopes were provided and the completed paper survey sealed in the envelope and returned in internal mail for delivery to the survey team. On close of the survey, the responses from paper surveys were added to the online survey responses and the hard copy surveys destroyed.

Taking part in the survey

The survey was open to all University staff on all contract types. Whether the survey was online or as a paper version, the survey could be completed during work time.

The introductory text confirmed the instructions for completing the survey and provided information about confidentiality and privacy.

  • Respondents could omit any questions they did not wish to answer, but were encouraged to respond to as many questions as possible

  • The 'prefer not to say' option could be used where this was provided

  • At the end of the survey respondents could elaborate on any of the questions, or to add anything they wished to say that has not been covered elsewhere in the survey

  • Staff were able to withdraw from the survey at any point prior to submission 

  • The survey took approximately 10 minutes to complete

  • The deadline for submission of completed surveys was 3 December 2021. 

Anonymity and confidentiality

The staff survey was anonymous. Neither email addresses nor IP addresses were recorded when a completed survey was submitted.

Access to the raw response data is restricted to people with responsibility for analysing the data, who are duty-bound to maintain confidentiality.

As part of the survey, respondents were asked for information about their employment at the university and for some demographic data. They could choose not to answer these questions, or indicate 'prefer not to answer'.

This data was collected so that it can be understood how representative the responses are of the University staff community. Survey data is not used to identify individuals, but it’s important to understand if there are differences in the experiences of one demographic group compared to another.

Results are only reported for groups of 10 or more so that individuals, or small groups who share a characteristic, cannot be identified.

Survey results and reporting

The survey results were processed and published in Spring 2022.


Please view the separate FAQs page.