Frequently asked questions about Pure

Introduction to Pure

Why does the University use Pure?

In an increasingly competitive funding environment it is critical that the University manages its research information effectively; not only to meet the requirements of funding councils and other external bodies, but to demonstrate to the broader community the excellence and significance of the work we do, and help us understand St Andrew’s strengths (be that at individual, departmental, school or central level). Pure plays a vital role in addressing these needs, with information from Pure populating the St Andrews Research Portal which provides a public view on the University's research activity and promotes the University’s research excellence to the wider community.

Why should I use Pure?

There is increasing pressure to show the value and impact of your research activities.

Pure is a powerful tool to help each researcher, and the University, store information about research activities. Pure also helps make this information accessible for other purposes such as display on web pages, development of grant applications or to respond to funding bodies’ reporting and monitoring requirements. It also increases the world wide visibility of the University’s research portfolio.

  • Brings together all research at St Andrews in one place - researchers, publications, projects, esteem and impact are all in Pure.
  • Allows easy import of publications from external sources, e.g. Web of Science.
  • Support for CV generation.
  • Research information from Pure can be reused on School web pages.
  • Promote St Andrews research through the St Andrews Research Portal.
  • Provide support for bringing together submissions to Research Excellence Framework.
  • Ease generation of St Andrews annual publication reports.
  • Allows easy access to full text of publications through Open Access on the St Andrews Research Repository.
  • Provides link to Open Access Repository.
  • Provides support for Impact Agenda.

Accessing Pure

How do I get a Pure account?

A personal PURE account is automatically created for all academic staff, research related staff, and postgraduate students through synchronisation with the University’s HR and Registry databases. Support staff are not currently allocated a personal PURE account as standard.

How do I login?

If you are a current member of academic staff, research related staff, or postgraduate student, you will automatically have access to your personal Pure account via single-sign-on, using your standard University login details. Login to Pure

Which web browser should I use?

Pure is compatible with the latest versions of most web browsers - Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome and Opera. 

Note: If you receive a certificate warning while using Firefox, please follow the instructions on screen to add it as a trusted site. Once this is done, you should not see this message again.

If you do not have one of the above browsers, please contact the helpdesk or telephone 01334 463333.

Can I use Pure off campus?

Yes, Pure is a web based application and can be accessed off campus. 

Using Pure

What should I put in my Profile?

Some of your Pure profile information is automatically populated with data from other key University business systems, including: funded award and project details from the Finance system, staff details from Human Resources and postgraduate research student details from Registry. It synchronises with each of these on a nightly basis to bring in and automatically update content.

Since this content comes in automatically it is not editable in PURE. If you require corrections to any of these data please see ‘Who should I contact if I spot errors in my information?’ below.

How do I add information to Pure?

Other content (e.g. personal profile, publications, activities, impact) can (and should) be freely added by users. To help make this easier, we have prepared a short series of PDF user guides.

You can also find information of how to deposit for Open Access on their website.

A colleague has suggested I get an ORCID ID, what is it and do I need one?

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.

For more information visit our ORCID page.

Who should I contact if I spot errors in my information?

If you notice any error in the information that is brought into Pure from other central university systems, please contact purelive in the first instance and we will guide you on contacting the appropriate team.

Why aren't my projects showing in Pure?

Pure only shows Awards and Projects which have gone through the University's Finance system. Therefore, projects from a previous institution would have to be recorded manually in the appropriate section of your personal profile. If you have a query about Award or Project information in Pure please contact purelive

Research Data

I have data which are used in my research, can I deposit them in Pure?

Yes you can. In Pure you can create records for your data and upload your data files. Please note that the current file limit is set to 2GB but multiple files can be uploaded in one record. Should you need to deposit files larger than 2GB contact the Research Data Management team. Once you have deposited your data files you will have the possibility of making them publicly available to increase your visibility within your field of research but also to comply with funders’ requirements.

For more information please go to the Research Data Management website, or email the Research Data helpdesk.

What kind of data can be deposited in Pure?

You can deposit any data in Pure as long as you have permissions and the data do not have any ethical or legal constraints. Pure will accept any file formats and files up to 2GB (for larger files contact the Research Data Management team). If your funder requires it, you should deposit data underpinning your publications; but you are welcome to deposit any data you would like preserve for the long term and eventually publicly share to increase your visibility within your field of research. 

For more information or if you have any queries, please email the Research Data Management Team

Open Access

Where can I get help with Open Access or with a copyright query?

You can find information about Open Access on the Open Access Team's website, you may also find the answer to your query on their FAQ page. If your query is not covered in the FAQs please contact the Open Access helpdesk

Research Impact

What is 'Impact' and how do I record it in Pure?

Research Impact is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and to the economy beyond academia. It can also be considered as the influence of research.

For more information visit the Impact webpages, or email the Impact helpdesk

St Andrews Research Portal 

What is the St Andrews Research Portal and what is on it?

The St Andrews Research Portal is a publicly available searchable and browsable view of research related information, drawing directly from records maintained in Pure. The web site automatically updates from information entered into Pure, however you can choose which content you wish to make publicly visible through the Portal.

You can reference your personal profile page on a business card or in an email signature by using this format: Username 

St Andrews Research Repository

What is the St Andrews Research Repository and what is on it?

St Andrews Research Repository is an Open Access digital repository for the University’s research outputs and electronic theses, making this material freely available online.