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RDM policies & guidelines

The University of St Andrews is committed to research excellence, and recognises that research data is an increasingly vital asset. The University fully supports RCUK's statement that publicly-funded research is a public good that should be made openly available where legally and ethically appropriate.

The University published a Research Data Management Policy in June 2014.

Related policies

Although much of the RDM policy statements are included in the University's RDM policy, a number of other policies, procedures and guidance are also relevant to the management of research data:


RCUK logoRCUK Common Principles on Research Data policy

Making research data available to users is a core part of the Research Councils’ remit.

In 2011, RCUK issued a set of Common Principles on Research Data Policy. These principles push for‌ project data to be:

  • made openly available ...
  • with as few restrictions as possible ...
  • in a timely and responsible manner.

RCUK are committed to transparency and to a coherent approach across the research base. These principles provide an overarching framework for the individual (RCUK) Research Council research data policies.

Funder policies

Most funders have policies which affect the ways in which research data should be managed. For help and advice on meeting your funder's policy, please email

See the Policy section on the respective pages for each funder's policy:

The DCC have also produced a useful overview of some main funders' data policies.

Help and advice

For help and advice on meeting the requirements of the various policies above, please email:


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