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NIHR (National Institute for Health Research)

‌‌NHS: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)The NIHR commissions and funds NHS, social care and public health research essential for delivering responsibilities in public, health and personal social services. Its role is to develop the research evidence to support decision making by professionals, policy makers and patients, make this evidence available, and encourage its uptake and use.

Its key objective is to improve the quality, relevance, and focus of research in the NHS and social care by distributing funds in a transparent way after open competition and peer review; and it is committed to the principle that those who receive research funding should take responsibility for the duration, management, and exploitation of their digital outputs.‌


Complete a Data Management Plan for NIHR

This link will take you through to DMPonline, a tool developed by the DCC (Digital Curation Centre) to help you write DMPs. You will need to create an account and link it to your University credentials if you have not already done so.

Once successfully logged into DMPonline, click on the link 'not applicable/not listed' when asked for a funder. Enter 'National Institute for Health Research' for the name of the funder,  tick the DCC guidance box and click Create Plan to get started.

This quick guide will help you find your way around DMPonline: Getting Started with DMPonline (PDF, 2,278 KB)

Data Management Plan

  • NIHR does not currently require a data management and/or data sharing plan to be submitted with the grant application, but NIHR and the University advocate that you have a brief one in place.
  • It is advised to create a DMP early in order to inform the IRAS submission and for ongoing support of the conduct of research.

Expectations of particular note

  • NIHR encourages initiatives that increase the potential for quality research to be widely disseminated and freely accessed.
  • They support the principle of Open Access to research as set out in its statement supporting Europe PMC (PubMed Central).
  • All NIHR researchers are required to prepare and submit to the NIHR a statement on how underlying research materials, such as data, samples or models, can be accessed.
  • NIHR does not require that the data must be made open.


  • The NIHR does not currently have a specific policy on research data or data sharing but does have a statement on open access which includes reference to research data.

Further help

You can book a meeting by emailing the Research Data team at who are happy to help you to formulate an NIHR- or project-specific approach to data management and can help you create your NIHR DMP.


Research Data team

University of St Andrews Library
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Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: (01334) 462343