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Research and/or Research Impact Leave and Leave of Absence

Research Impact Paid Leave

This section contains information relating to Research and/or Research Impact Paid Leave.

All academic staff are entitled to apply for one semester of research leave for every four years of service. For further detail, please refer to School guidance, which may vary between Schools: staff should find this publicised within the School, and available from their Director of Research.

This leave is an important and valued aspect of St Andrews’ support for academic research. It is not an automatic entitlement, but granted against an ambitious case for support and a record of high quality, and/or potentially high quality, research performance.

The Policy and Procedure, Application Form and Report Form are available via the link on the right-hand menu.

Leave of absence for professional reasons

  1. Academic and non-academic staff wishing to take more than 2 weeks leave for professional reasons during semester-time must submit an application for Leave of Absence for Professional Reasons using the prescribed form. This includes academic staff who hold a recognised fellowship, e.g. a Leverhulme Research Fellowship, which has previously been approved in another context, since specific details of the status of the leave and its precise duration are needed to trigger appropriate payroll adjustments and to ensure that we do not inappropriately impede other rights to request leave entitlement accrued by academic staff.
  2. An application form is obtainable on the Human resources policies, guidance and forms or in hard copy from Human Resources. As with Research Leave, the applicant should complete the relevant sections of the form, pass it, with a brief CV of not more than 2 pages of A4, to their Head of School/Unit (or Dean if the applicant is a Head of School or to the appropriate member of the Principal’s Office if the applicant is in charge of a non-academic unit) for comment, and then return it to Human Resources at least, unless in exceptional circumstances, six months in advance of the start of the proposed leave period. The application will be recorded and referred to the Master in the case of all academic staff and the Deputy Principal for all other staff who will undertake appropriate discussions with individuals concerned and inform the applicant, and all others who need to know, of the decision.
  3. Since, other than in specific circumstances, leave of absence is granted without pay, it is essential that there is no ambiguity about the precise period for which the St Andrews salary should or should not be stopped. Heads of all units (academic and non-academic) must therefore ensure that Human Resources is advised of any such leave to be taken in their units.
  4. Leave of absence will not normally be granted to a member of staff for a period of longer than two years.
  5. In appropriate circumstances, the University encourages temporary staff exchanges. Members of staff interested in such exchanges should, therefore, consult their Head of School/Unit and the Deputy Principal as soon as informal contacts have been made with persons in other institutions.
  6. Leave of absence with salary for professional reasons for not more than 2 weeks during Semester-time and for any period in vacations is a matter for arrangement with the Head of School/Unit.

Queries about research leave should be directed to Human Resources at or x3096.