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Starting salary policy

Policy Statement

In support of the University’s commitment to the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, all salary offers must be made within the standard incremental points of the grade at which the role has been evaluated. In addition, to ensure equity and consistency in approach to starting salaries across the University, employees should normally be appointed on the first incremental point of the designated grade.

Non-Standard Starting Salary

Appointment to a salary beyond the first point must be justified e.g. the prospective employee is in receipt of a salary and benefits package in excess of the value of the package on offer and has a significant amount of relevant experience. In such circumstances, the objective would be make an offer at the minimum point required to secure the appointment. Before any decision is made to offer an alternative point, consideration should be given to any potential anomalies/inequalities that may arise as a result: these may be inconsistencies with the remuneration of current staff fulfilling the same (or very similar) roles or the risk of appointing two or more people to the same (or very similar) roles but at different points on the salary scale.

Authorisation to appoint above the bottom point of the grade must be sought in writing from an HR Officer ( before confirming a salary offer with a prospective employee. No ‘non-standard’ salary offers should be made without the above approval.

Where justification for this increase relates to the appointee’s current/previous salary, any agreement made will be subject to verification of the stated current salary i.e. through confirmation from the appropriate referee, a recent pay-slip or other relevant evidence.

Contribution-Related Points

The contribution-related points at the top of each grade should not be used for a starting salary unless there are exceptional circumstances. In such cases authorisation must be sought from the Director of Human Resources before confirming a salary offer with a prospective employee.

Market Pay Issues

External factors affecting salaries (e.g. market rate) will be dealt with via the Market supplement policy. If you have any queries regarding the use of this policy, please direct these to Human Resources via (

Externally Funded Posts

The principles outlined in this policy relate to both internally and externally funded posts. Please note that the level of funding available in a grant will not be viewed as justification for placing an employee at a higher incremental point on the designated grade.