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At a glance summary of how the E&DI Policy impacts people

What this means for:Postive Impact
Someone applying to work at the University You can be confident that you are applying to work for an organisation fully committed to ensuring equality and diversity and that the recruitment process fully supports and upholds this statement.
An employee at the University You are working for an organisation whose commitment to the promotion of equality and diversity is furthered by a range of policies and procedures that ensure the University is benefiting from best practice in this area.
Applying to become a student at the University You will be treated with equality and fairness in accordance with our admissions policy and procedures. You will have access to information and advice throughout the admissions process to assist you with your decision making.
As a national and international student You will benefit from studying at a University with a diverse student body and workforce. Our commitment to equality and to dignity and respect is furthered in the University's 'Students' Charter' which details your rights and responsibilities.
As a partner organisation in any sector (public, private or voluntary) You can be welcomed and treated with dignity and respect. You will work with the University to promote equality within joint activities for the benefit of all.
As a contractor working on our premises You have both rights and duties (as detailed in your contract) and will act in accordance with our principles and standards.
Visiting the University You will be welcomed and treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.