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Duties which may be delegated to School/unit Safety Co-ordinators

Heads of Schools/Units etc. may appoint, at their discretion, a Safety Co-ordinator to provide a first level of advice on health and safety matters and to perform delegated duties specified by the Head.

It must be stressed that this section does not imply that the Safety Co-ordinator has to carry out personally all the tasks indicated. In large Schools/Units the duties may require several employees, acting in a co-ordinated manner, to perform them. The Head must nominate the personnel required to carry out the tasks and the Safety Co-ordinator should then monitor, on behalf of the Head, that the tasks are being satisfactorily completed.

The Safety Co-ordinator's delegated duties may include:

  • being fully familiar with the University's Health and Safety Policy and the School/Unit's health and safety policy(s);

  • providing advice to members of the School/Unit on matters of occupational health and safety and, in particular, advising the Head on the formulation and revision of the School/Unit health and safety policy and procedures;

  • acting with the delegated authority of the Head in matters of urgency;

  • referring promptly to the Head, or the University Safety Adviser, any health and safety problems which cannot be resolved locally on a time scale commensurate with the risk;

  • liaising with the University Safety Adviser, and other central advisers, on health and safety matters;

  • attending (ex officio) meetings of the School/Unit Health and Safety Committee;

  • conducting or co-ordinating systematic health and safety inspections and accident investigations (with Safety Representatives of the recognised Trade Unions having employees working in the School/area) to identify unsafe or unhealthy conditions or work practices, and monitoring that preventative action is recommended and pursued;

  • ensuring that accidents and near misses are reported and investigated;

  • disseminating health and safety information and reports to appropriate members of School/Unit staff and students;

  • ensuring that new members of the School/Unit receive adequate induction with respect to health and safety matters;

  • identifying members of the School/Unit for appropriate:

           health and safety training events;

           occupational health medical surveilliance; and

           liaison with other internal or external health and safety specialists.

  • monitoring in the School/Unit that:

             a high standard of housekeeping is maintained;

             adequate precautions are taken regarding any changes to be made;

             plant, equipment and processes are being maintained as required by any relevant statutory provisions;

             staff and students are suitably informed, instructed and trained;

             adequate health and safety records are maintained where appropriate i.e. as required by relevant statutory provisions or by University or School/Unit health and safety policy;

            safe working practices and procedures, together with any necessary risk assessments for project work (especially with postgraduate students) are complied with;

            personal protective equipment needs are assessed and that sufficient suitable personal equipment is available and used;

           systems are set up and maintained to check that health and safety facilities, such as first-aid boxes, fire-fighting equipment, etc., are provided and maintained in a readily usable condition; and other aspects, that legislation or University School/Unit health and safety policy may dictate, are catered for.

  • reviewing periodically health and safety procedures within the School/Unit;

  • such other health and safety duties which may be assigned by the Head


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