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Staff Fees

The University policy on staff fees is as follows:

  • Employees of the University are normally eligible to pay fees at a concessionary staff rate (see table below) for the academic year for part-time or distance learning study only. 
  • Postgraduate research students will also pay an additional fee (see table below) on the presentation of their thesis.  
  • Eligibility for the staff rate is based upon the hours and length of contract - the contract should be a minimum 18.125 hours per week or 0.5fte and should be either a teaching contract of 10 months or more, or a non-teaching contract of 12 months or more. 
  • In all instances, the contract must begin before or simultaneously with, the start of the degree course.
  • Continuing eligibility for staff fees will be established by the Fees Officer prior to matriculating each year.
  • No students of the University who subsequently become employees during their studies are eligible for these concessions.  
  • These concessions also apply to individuals working as graduate research assistants (RAs) supported by research grants.  Such graduate RAs are eligible to register for a higher degree (normally part time) at the concessionary staff rate.
  • Employees of the University who claim the concessionary staff rate may not simultaneously hold University scholarships or UK Research Council Scholarships for fees or living costs, and must have the permission of the Head of their employing unit, and the Head of the School in which they will undertake the study, to apply for the concessionary fee.
  • Students eligible for staff rates are not entitled to a refund if they withdraw or are granted a Leave of Absence after the first four weeks of the start of their academic year.
  • Eligibility will be assessed by the Fees Officer.  For further information, please email

Continuation/Extension of Studies

The staff concessionary rate applies to standard tuition fee paying periods of study and is not applicable for continuation or extension of studies.

  • Continuation fees cover up to 12 months of continuation. Extension fees are payable per extension of studies granted.
  • Further details are available from Tuition Fees 2017-2018 to 2019-2020

Tuition related fees 2017/18 to 2019/20 for staff meeting eligibility criteria for concessionary rates








Tuition Fee  £140  £145  £150
Thesis Submission Fee  £235  £240  £245