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3. Examinations

3.1 Scripts

Information recorded by candidates during examination (i.e. examination scripts) is specifically exempted from subject access provisions - in other words, the Data Protection Act does not entitle students to see (or have a copy of) the actual scripts.

But see also: Policy on feedback to students on work submitted for assessment.

3.2 Comments on scripts

Examiners' (both internal and external) comments on the content of scripts are disclosable, whether recorded on the script or held separately. Students have the right to a copy of marks given, and any comments on which they were based.

This provision also applies to comments made by examiners of theses and dissertations, and to any notes made during a viva.

3.3 Publishing examination results

Schools and Departments should not post assessment results on public noticeboards. Students asking for advance notification should be informed that they must wait for the official notification which is sent to them individually by the Registry.


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